5 Best Deer Hunting Games in 2024

It is deer season and you don’t have time to head for the woods; we’ve all been there and know how depressing that can be! Don’t worry though, for hours of fun we have several games lined up to help you forget your troubles and spend some quality time in the digital woods bagging the game you love the most! Maybe the best part is that using these you don’t have to wait for deer season; you can hunt all year long! Another added bonus is you can use some of these to introduce your kids to your favorite sport and get them itching to join you for quality time in the great outdoors! Without further ado here are our top 5 picks for deer hunting games!

Deer Hunter 2018

Coming in at number 5 we have “Deer Hunter 2018.” Hunt for deer and other big game all over the world! You can own several firearms and customize them yourself in game gaining that electronic edge to bag some of the nicest trophies worldwide. Will you climb to the top of the leaderboards with the nicest trophy? Really, the gameplay and graphics would push this game to number 1, except for the fact that to advance beyond the first few levels you will have to spend a lot of real money rather than just items earned in the game.

However, that first few levels will definitely be enjoyable so don’t hesitate to visit the Play Store and grab your copy today!

Download it now: Google Play

Deer Hunt — Animal Survival Safari Hunting

You are definitely going to want to check out “Deer Hunt – Animal Survival Safari Hunting.” In this game there will be times where you’re stumbling over deer so thick you might expect them to jump in the Jeep and ride home with you; other times you will need to allow more time and actually look for your prey for a while before pulling the trigger. With decent graphics and easy to use controls this app is the hunting game for you today! Find it in the Play Store now!

Download it now: Google Play

Wildlife Snowfall Jungle Red Deer Shooting HD

Our number three deer hunting game is a little known gem in “Wildlife Snowfall Jungle Red Deer Shooting HD.” This game has better graphics and controls than many on this list; sound effects that will make you think you’re really there and a realistic environment. Unlike many deer hunting games this one focuses on the precision shot which can also help to build up your sniping skills for other games! Be sure to head for the wilderness in this game and bag a deer today! Don’t wait another minute to get it from the Play Store!

Download it now: Google Play

Jungle Deer Hunting Sniper Shooter

Coming in second place we have “Jungle Deer Hunting Sniper Shooter.” With smooth controls, great graphics, the ability to choose your favorite rifle and head out for the hunt you will be sure to enjoy this one! Be careful though, some of the deer in this game may be hunting you! Also look out for innocent bystanders… if you shoot them instead of the deer your score will greatly diminish.  For hours of fun head to the Play Store and download this one right away!

Download it now: Google Play

Deer Hunting: Animal Games

Saving the best for last, you are going to have so much fun after you download “Deer Hunting: Animal Games!” This game has fewer ads than most; good graphics, and fairly realistic game play (with a slight twist.) The twist is, when you’re lining up for the perfect shot be careful… out of nowhere another predator (lion, tiger, bear, etc…) may be targeting the same animal! Don’t worry; you will have plenty of time to hunt them as well. This game features multiple guns, smooth controls and even allows you to take shots at your target while on the move (though you are more accurate when stand still.) You don’t want to miss out on this great deer hunting game / first person shooter combo so download it now at the Play Store!

Download it now: Google Play


There is a game above for everyone’s style; whether you want the thrill of hunting deer on a safari with lions and tigers and bears trying to take your deer, or you prefer the first person shooter, or the peaceful tranquil of a fairly realistic North American hunt, or maybe the absurdity of deer that hunt you back there is still something for you! Enjoy the lowest cost hunting trip you will ever go on as you head for the wilds and track that elusive 20 point buck and train your kids to do the same! Why not try them all now?

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