5 Best Cell Signal Boosters For Straight Talk In 2020

Have you moved over to Straight Talk and are having difficulties with getting a decent reception inside your home with the carrier? This is a common problem that simply comes with carriers that don’t have the resources of giants like Verizon and AT&T. Not only that but the bad signal in your home could be because of the construction of your home — there could be steel or metal that’s making the signal not penetrate as well. And honestly, you could just live in an area where the signal isn’t as great outside, so it’s going to be worse inside.

Best Signal Booster

Is there a way to fix this? Most definitely. You just need to be willing to invest in a decent piece of hardware — a good cell signal booster. And we really do mean a good one — you don’t want to cheap out on a cell signal booster, as many of the cheap ones will hardly do anything at all, and if they do do anything, it’ll be limited to a small area.

Not sure which one to pick up? Follow along below, and we’ll highlight some of our favorites on the market right now.

SureCall Fusion4Home

First up on our list is the SureCall Fusion4Home. This is a mid-range cell signal booster that is guaranteed to make the reception better in your home. If it’s abysmal now, the Fusion4Home is sure to clean it up, and throughout your whole home as well. The Fusion4Home is capable of taking the signal outside and amplifying it on the inside for up to a whole 3,000 sq.ft. This is about the average range for a mid-range cell signal booster, and will be enough for most American households. Just keep in mind that you should place the booster on the floor level where you’re really having trouble, as boosters like this traditionally do best by offering a triangular or side-to-side signal, but many of them have difficulty with going through floors.

Once you set this up, you can expect to see better overall phone performance as well. Your phone’s battery drains a lot faster when you have a weak signal, as your phone is always trying to boost the signal or find a new or better signal. By using a cell signal booster, your phone won’t have to put forth all of this extra juice.

weBoost Connect

Next, we have the weBoost Connect 4G-X. This is one of the best cell signal boosters available on the market right now, even surpassing the Fusion4Home by SureCall. It’s quite a package to setup, but once you get it going, the weBoost Connect jumps right into action, eliminating dead zones throughout your home (again, put the booster on the floor level that you have the most trouble with the signal). The weBoost Connect 4G-X is a lot more expensive than the Fusion4Home, but it also boosts a whole lot more square footage than the Fusion4Home. You can cover a whopping 7,000 sq.ft with this signal booster.

It books LTE, 4G, and 3G frequencies, so this cell signal booster is perfect for all network technologies. Just like the Fusion4Home, it’ll help your smartphone battery a ton just because it’s getting rid of the weak signal in your home.

MobileForce Car Cell Booster

One thing that many folks don’t consider is the cell signal booster for the car. If you’ve ever been driving while on talking on the phone, you’ve no doubt experienced the dropped call because of rolling through an area where cell coverage isn’t that great. It’s frustrating, but thankfully, there are ways to avoid dropped calls during these dead zones: just one of those is a mobile cell signal booster. This one by MobileForce will bolster LTE, 4G and 3G signals to ensure that a low signal in a dead zone isn’t going to drop your call. It’s also worth noting that a mobile cell signal booster isn’t going to increase your phone’s battery much, because your phone just isn’t going to be trying to get out of a weak signal when you’re on the road.

SureCall Fusion5X

As you can see, these options that we have listed thus far just aren’t optimal for commercial applications. The weBoost Connect might be if you’re running a small storefront, but it’s hardly enough coverage for an office, warehouse or even a factory. That said, you might want to consider the SureCall Fusion5X. This cell signal booster is more than capable of boosting LTE, 4G and 3G frequencies, and is really perfect for any commercial application. It might be neat particularly for factory floors, as factories traditionally have abysmal cell coverage and could be benefited through something like the Fusion5X.

Phonelex GSM Booster

Last up on our list is the Phonelex GSM Booster. This particular cell signal booster is optimal for areas that are under-served in the mobile network arena. The Phonelex GSM Booster is only capable of boosting 3G frequencies, so it really is more apt for, say, rural areas that are still lagging behind on a 3G network.


If you’ve got a choice, we recommend picking up the SureCall Fusion4Home. This 3,000 sq.ft cell signal booster will take care of all of the cell coverage needs in your home. The weBoost Connect is also a great option for those that need to cover a much larger space.

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