5 Best Caller ID App For Galaxy Note 9

Caller ID applications — at least for those that get a lot of phone calls — are something that’s so necessary to have on your smartphone. Install one and set it up on your phone and you’ll easily be able to see who’s calling you. Many of these applications will even warn you about incoming spam callers or telemarketers. Some of the more popular Caller ID apps will have other functions as well, such as call recording and mobile payment options.

So are you ready to download a Caller ID app to your smartphone, but you’re not sure what the best option is out there for the Galaxy Note 9? Follow along below and we’ll show you the best Caller ID apps out there. Here are our top picks.


Hiya is first up on our list and works as a great way to identify incoming calls of the people that you don’t have in your address book. It’s also a great way to see who’s calling so that you can ignore the calls of people you don’t want to talk to. One of the awesome things about Hiya is the spam alerts — if a telemarketer is trying to ring your number, Hiya will let you know. If a telemarketer gets through, report it, and Hiya will add it to its database of spam callers, and then warn others about that number because of your report.

Hiya is fairly unique because they don’t have any advertisements. So you can truly use Hiya for free, and without being “punished” for using a free version, too.

Download it now: Google Play


Next up on our list is Truecaller, one of the best Caller ID applications that you can download for your Galaxy Note 9. One of the benefits of Truecaller is that it has well over 250 million phone numbers in its database. That said, Truecaller should be able to identify almost any number coming through to your phone. Truecaller is also capable of identifying spam callers — if a telemarketer is calling your phone, Truecaller will let you know so that you can ignore it or block it. If telemarketer gets through, just report the number and Truecaller will add that to its spam database.

Truecaller has some other neat features as well — the ability to blacklist numbers, record phone calls, and it can even work as a mobile payment system to safely and securely transfer money. Truecaller will even work with bill payments.

Download it now: Google Play


Showcaller is next up on our list, and works similar to Truecaller in a lot of ways. With Showcaller, it will identify almost any number trying to reach your smartphone. It should provide you with location data, as well as the type of device that’s calling (landline or mobile). This is one of the smaller Caller ID apps out on the market, only taking up 4MB of space on your phone. Showcaller operates almost exactly the same way that Truecaller does when it comes to spam calls — it’ll let you know of an incoming spam call, and if a spam caller gets through, report it, and Showcaller will add it to its database.

As you can imagine, you can blacklist numbers with Showcaller so that people you don’t want talking to you will not be able to reach you. It blacklists the number, so you won’t get text messages from that number, too.

Download it now: Google Play


Next up on our list is Supercaller. Being a Caller ID application, you can imagine that it operates similarly to the rest of the apps on our list. And it does. Any phone numbers that come through that you don’t have on your phone will be identified with a name and hopefully location. Supercaller has a slightly smaller database of numbers, so you might not see names for everyone that calls you.

Supercaller has a similar approach to telemarketing calls — it’ll warn you if a spammer is calling you, but if one gets through, just report it, and it’ll be added to the database of spam callers. Supercaller will warn others of that number, too.

Download it now: Google Play


WhosCall might be last up on our list, but this is still an excellent application that you can download to your Galaxy Note 9. As you can imagine, it’ll try to identify any unknown numbers coming through for you. It should be able to identify whether it’s a landline or mobile number, too. WhosCall can warn you of spam calls like the others on this list, and you can even blacklist numbers with it. WhosCall is supported with ads, but they can be gotten rid of by a premium subscription.

Download it now: Google Play


If you’re looking for a way to better identify unknown callers, any one of these Caller ID applications will help you out a ton. Our favorite is Truecaller, and that might be the best because of the sheer amount of phone numbers it has in its database.

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