5 Best Calendar App For OnePlus 6T

Are you sick and tired of trying to manage your schedule on a wall calendar or in a planner? Wish you could more effectively manage what’s gong on in your life with a digital calendar for your OnePlus 6T? Then you’ve come to the right place — Android is a platform full of different calendar choices, giving you options for just a simple, plain calendar experience, or an option for a fully featured calendar that acts more like a planner. However, it can be difficult to choose just one options.

That’s why we put this list together — to show you five of the best picks available for the OnePlus 6T smartphone. So if you’re ready to get started, follow along with us below. Let’s dive right in.

Simple Calendar

If you’re someone who enjoys the simple things in life, then you will really love what Simple Calendar has to offer you. Simple Calendar was designed to be, well, a Simple Calendar experience. This is a no-frills app in terms of design and features. This is a straight up calendar that gives you easy and clean perspectives on your day, week, month, and even year.

Like we mentioned, it has no-frills features as well — that means you get basic features that you would expect to see out of a calendar app, such as adding an event, deleting an event, event notifications, and even sticky notifications. Simple Calendar also comes with its own sleek widget to give you easy access to your calendar.

Download it now: Google Play

Calendar+ Schedule

Calendar+ Schedule is our fourth pick on our list. Calendar+ Schedule has a pretty cluttered and busy design, which can make things a little more frustrating to navigate; however, it’s packed full of features that make it fairly easy calendar app to navigate. It gives you a view that allows you to see everything coming up on your schedule. When you do need a cleaner view, Calendar+ Schedule allows you to easily organize your schedule into a grid/list so that you can see what’s coming up in order. Calendar+ Schedule even has a built-in planner for managing your day to day activities.

Download it now: Google Play


Coming in as our third pick, Cal is a fan favorite. Made by Any.Do, Cal is able to easily integrate into the Any.Do task management software, and you can even integrate your Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange into the Cal database. That said, it’s a pretty versatile calendar solution that will allow you to keep using your favorite calendar apps as well.

One of the areas that makes Cal stand out from the rest on our list is it’s beautiful and clean design — it makes it really easy to navigate. It’s fairly easy on the eyes as well.

Download it now: Google Play


Coming in as our second contender, we’re taking a look at the aptly named aCalendar. This is another excellent choice for those looking for an easy on the eyes perspective to manage their calendar. It’s easy to switch into day, week, month, and even year perspectives. They make it really easy to add and delete events as well, and aCalendar can even remind you of when to leave before an event stats in order to arrive on time. One of the more unique aspects of aCalendar is the ability to color code — there are 48 colors that you can use for color coding, which better helps you identify the difference between, say, work and personal events.

Download it now: Google Play

Google Calendar

Coming in as our number one calendar app for OnePlus 6T, we have Google Calendar. Since the OnePlus 6T runs Android, you should have Google Calendar already pre-installed into your system; however, in the even that you don’t, you can easily snag it from from the Google Play Store for free.

Google Calendar is easily the best calendar software on the Google Play Store. It’s simple and and easy to use, and with a clean user interface, they make it easy to manage all of your events and schedules. Google Calendar makes it pretty easy to change your perspective to Day, Week, Month, and Year views as well.

Download it now: Google Play


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent calendar applications available for the OnePlus 6T — on Android itself, there are hundreds of choices to choose from. That said, finding a good calendar app is like finding a needle in a haystack, thus why we’ve assembled this great list for you. Each one of these will help you achieve the means that you’re looking for; however, it’s worth giving Google Calendar and Cal a shot first — these are easily some of the most quality calendar apps out there.

Do you have a favorite calendar app for the OnePlus 6T? Let us know what it is in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.

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