5 Best Armband Phone Holder For Huawei P30

Our phones are great ways to keep track of workouts. They have sensors in them that watch step counts, which provide you with a better estimate of calories burned. Not only that, but our phones often help us find the motivation to make it through our workouts, whether that be through music or podcasts. Of course, you always run the risk of dropping or breaking your phone when you head out on an activity like this, simply because of how fragile our phones are.

That said, a great way to keep your Huawei P30 secure is through an armband phone holder — wrap the armband around your arm, set the phone inside the phone holder portion, and then you’re covered with a shock-proof cushion. The Huawei P30 won’t be going anywhere while secured to your arm, but in case it does, that cushion keeps you well protected.

There are plenty of armband phone holders out there for the Huawei P30, though. So what do you get? Follow along below, and we’ll show you five of our favorites.


Tribe Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

Coming up as number one on our list, we have Tribe’s own Water Resistant Cell phone Armband Case. If you’re looking for the absolute best protection for your Huawei P30, this is the armband phone holder to use. You set your phone in a shock-proof case, which keeps your device safe from accidental drops. Since you insert your phone into the armband, there’s a film that keeps your screen protected as well.

One of the highlights of this one is that the water resistance makes sure rain and perspiration doesn’t affect your phone either. If you’re committed to running and jogging — even when the weather is rainy — this phone holder makes sure your phone is safe, even when rain is pouring from the sky.


Portholic Sweat Resistant Armband

Coming up next, we have Portholic. They have something they’re called the Sweat Resistant Armband, which keeps your Huawei P30 well protected while on a run. It has sweat resistance, which keeps your phone safe from things like perspiration.

If you’re still using wired headphones, the Portholic Armband actually has cable routing to prevent you from yanking out the headphones out of your phone. It keeps them from tangling, too. Additionally, there’s a pocket, which can be used for carrying extra gear with you.


Tune Belt Phone Holder Case

Up next on our countdown, we have the Tune Belt Phone Holder Case. There aren’t a lot of armband phone holders out there that allow you to use them with a case on your phone. That said, Tune Belt realized there was a market for that, and created the Phone Holder Case that can not only accommodate phones, but phones with large cases.

Insert your phone into the holder, and you’ll be ready to roll. There’s cable routing, and the Tune Belt also has a pocket to keep cards, cash, gym keys, and more.


Comsoon Running Armband 360 Case

Comsoon comes up next, with their own “Running Armband 360 Case”. This one is significantly different from the others on our list, because there isn’t a slot that you insert your phone into. Your phone is actually secured to the armband holder with tight straps. It still keeps your Huawei P30 secure in place, even while on runs or jogs.

The other unique portion to the Comsoon is that it sits on a swivel, allowing you to easily flip it around as needed. Easily switch the song out or check on a text message without stopping your workout. Additionally, it’s made with a breathable material that keeps odors from sticking around as well. Comsoon’s Armband Holder also has a pocket — much like the rest — where you can keep some extra items for on the go travel.


Universal Armband Phone Holder

While we might be featuring it last on our list, we really like what’s being offered in the Universal Armband Phone Holder. It’s one of the simpler choices out there, but still functions just as well as the others. There are a lot of awkward armbands out there, but even with its low profile, this one is still offering you excellent protection.

There’s still room for cable routing, and you even have a pocket for carrying some additional gear with you, such as your gym keys and some cash.


There are tons of different armband phone holders on the market; however, we’re confident that these are some of the best that money can buy, and the best that will keep your phone well protected. Actually,  any one of these will keep you well protected while you’re out jogging or working out at the gym, so it doesn’t necessarily matter which one you get. However, we personally like the Tribe a lot, thanks to its quality and nice design.

What’s your favorite armband phone holder?