5 Best Armband Phone Holder For LG G8 ThinQ

Nowadays, almost everyone takes their phone with them for a workout. That could be for working out at the gym, for going on a jog, or for going on a run. The LG G8 ThinQ is a great device for taking out on your next workout, thanks to better battery life, improved sensors, and excellent sound quality. However, you don’t want to accidentally drop it and shatter it while jogging through your local trails. So, what do you do?

An armband phone holder is usually a good choice, allowing you to wrap the armband around your arm, set the phone inside the phone holder portion, and then it’s covered with a shock-proof cushion. Your LG G8 ThinQ isn’t going anywhere at that point, and if it ever does, it’s perfectly safe in that cushion!

What armband phone holder should you get, though? Follow along with us below, and we’ll show you five of our favorite choices available for the phone today. Let’s dive right in.


Tribe Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

In number one place, we have Tribe’s own Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case. This one provides the ultimate protection for your LG G8 ThinQ, keeping it safe in a shock-proof case, while also providing you with screen protection. Water resistance makes sure rain and perspiration doesn’t affect your phone either, making this most ideal for those jogs where it’s pouring rain out. It stays secure on your arm, and is versatile in that it will work with most phones on the market. The phone holder itself is adjustable, which means you can adjust the strap to fit varying arm sizes.


Portholic Sweat Resistant Armband

Portholic’s own Sweat Resistant Armband comes up next. Just like the Tribe, your phone will stay safe and secure in a shock-proof cushion. And with sweat resistance in tow, your phone will stay safe from perspiration. Additionally, Portholic has built this with a breathable material, keeping odors from lingering around.

Additionally, if you use the traditional wired style of cable, there are actually some really good cable routing features on this armband — say goodbye to yanking headphones out of your phone once and for all!

The LG G8 ThinQ actually slips into a slot on the armband, which means you also get screen protection. There’s also a pocket where you can keep some extra things on the go, like a credit or debit card, some cash, a gym key, etc.


Tune Belt Phone Holder Case

Next up, we have Tune Belt’s own Phone Holder Case. Tune Belt created their armband phone holder to be able to accommodate phones with large cases. That said, you can easily slip your LG G8 ThinQ in here with case on. That creates a whole lot less hassle, not requiring you to take your case off before putting it in the phone holder. Additionally, Tune Belt still provides you with all of the usual aspects — cable routing and a pocket for any belongings you want to take with you on your jog.


Comsoon Running Armband 360 Case

Comsoon is up next, actually offering a rather unique armband phone holder for the LG G8 ThinQ. Comsoon has actually designed this one for jogging activities specifically, keeping your LG G8 ThinQ firmly in place while running. Comsoon’s holder actually has small, tight straps that keep your phone in place.

The highlight of this armband is that your phone sits on a swivel — easily flip it around when you to answer a text, check your GPS, or answer phone calls. Made with a breathable material, the Comsoon armband repels odors as well. There’s also a pocket, where you can keep some extra items for on the go travel. Cable routing features are in tow here, too.


Universal Armband Phone Holder

The Universal Armband Phone Holder might come as last on our list, but it’s one of the simpler choices. As you’ve already seen, there are many armbands out there that are bulky and awkward, but this one is instead made in a low profile. Even with its low profile, it still offers ample protection for your LG G8 ThinQ.

And don’t let this armband phone holder fool you — despite its small size, it still has all of the usual features you would expect out of it — cable routing and a pocket for any goods that you want to take with you, such as credit cards, cash, gym keys, etc.


Here we’ve highlighted five of the best armband phone holders that you can pick up for your LG G8 ThinQ. Any one of these will keep you well protected while you’re out jogging or working out at the gym, though we think the choice from Tribe is easily the best option, as our personal favorite.

What’s your favorite armband phone holder?