5 Best Android Apps to Sell Stuff Locally

The expansion of the internet has opened new avenues for the marketplace. While you had to take your items to a store to sell something, today, you can contact buyers directly and sell your stuff using a streamlined platform. This is possible thanks to a bunch of services available online, which lets you sell your items. With technology advancing even further, you can sell and buy your items using nothing but your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to apps and services by some big names in the industry, selling off your old items is as easy as opening your smartphone and getting right to it.

But which are some of the best apps to sell your stuff? Well, there are plenty. This is why we’ve decided to compile a list of apps that can help you sell your stuff easily. So let’s have a look.

5 Best Android Apps to Sell Stuff Locally

Amazon Seller

This app is meant for users who wish to sell their items on Amazon. Given that Amazon is one of the biggest places for online trade of everyday items, using this as a platform can make a lot of sense. The app will give you detailed reports for your sales as well as information on user interaction. You can also interact directly with the buyers by responding to their messages. You will also get alerts on pricing opportunities, in turn helping you enhance your business.

Taking these factors into account, it’s clear that this app cannot be used by everyday sellers. But if you’re looking to start a business and find an open marketplace for your items, you can’t ask for a better marketplace than Amazon. Since seller payments are managed by Amazon, the app will give you details on when your payment will be sent and if there are any pending balances. It’s the app that every seller on Amazon needs to have, and is a free download on the Google Play Store.


eBay is one of the first e-commerce apps to come out. But it has somewhat taken a backseat on our minds given that there are several other platforms available for users today. But eBay continues to be one of the best places to sell your used items or even setup an auction for a valuable item. Most items on eBay come with free shipping, which makes it the best place for buyers.

As with any marketplace, there is a small percentage of your sale that goes to eBay, which is expected on any major platform. While the inventory of used items is not as large as it used to be, there is still a big market to sell your parts, especially automobile parts.

But you can pretty much sell anything on eBay, and it doesn’t have to be a brand new product. The app can be used by both buyers and sellers, with a separate section for each. All your account and payment related information are available through the app, thus negating the need to go to a website to check the important details. The app is a free download on the Google Play Store and comes with ads.


With over a billion users around the world, Facebook is no doubt one of the biggest social networks out there. Leveraging the massive amounts of users at its disposal, it was only logical for Facebook to start a marketplace of its own in order to allow people to buy or sell their used items. Marketplace can be found in your local area or in your region. It is often created by users and is already used all over the world. So if you’re looking to sell something, you simply have to search for marketplace from the search bar and you will find what you’re looking for.

The best part about this feature is that you don’t need a separate app for trade, as everything can be done from one app. So while you are going through your newsfeed, you can also check on the items that you’ve put on sale. It won’t be wrong to say that Facebook is one of the best ways to sell your goods online given that pretty much everyone you know is probably on the platform. Facebook app is free to download and comes with ads and in-app purchases. With over a billion downloads, this is one of the most popular apps.


This is an online marketplace suited for buyers and sellers of all kinds. Advanced algorithms used by the app developers allows users to simply take a photo of their item and have it automatically categorized in the relevant segment. There is no limit on what you can buy or sell with the app also allowing you to buy pre-owned cars and other vehicles.

Further, there are real estate listings available on Letgo, so you can even list properties for rent or purchase. While other social networks offer a great deal of freedom, there are still some limitations with regards to what you can sell and buy. But with a comprehensive platform like Letgo, even property can be dealt with. The app is free to download and has no ads, although there are in-app purchases.


This is yet another independent marketplace app that lets you sell and buy practically anything. It has a social aspect as well, allowing you to interact directly with interested buyers (pretty much like eBay and Facebook), so you can be assured of getting some human interaction before your precious item is sold. Everything works on ratings here, so buyers will be able to look at your seller ratings to ascertain if you’re a decent seller. Given that online platforms are also heavily prone to scams, it is recommended to deal only with approved and well rated buyers.

Given that location plays a key role here, you can only choose to sell items to buyers in your vicinity. Be sure to check this app out on the Play Store.

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