4 Best Ways To Make Money On Snapchat

Are you wondering how you can leverage Snapchat to make some side income? Unfortunately, it’s a little more difficult to do than on most platforms, as Snapchat isn’t always easy to gain followers with, that is, unless you’re a super model or a brand that is already well established. Making money on Snapchat is going to take a lot of hard work, dedication, and persistence. And we mean a lot!

If you follow along below, we’ll show you at least give ways that you can use to make some cash with Snapchat.

Build An Audience

The first step is probably the hardest: you need an audience. After all, you cannot market or sell products to no one! That said, you should post and plaster your Snapcode everywhere — that way, people can take a picture of your Snapcode and easily add you. You’ll also want to sell all of your privacy settings to public so that people can easily find you as well.

You can post your Snapcode or Snaplink on social media channels as well. People can add you from these links, allowing you to garner more followers. Generally, people are going to have trouble adding you by username, so your Snapcode and Snaplink are easily the best ways to gain followers — you just have to find a way to get those in front of eyes.

Sell Geofilters

If you have any skills at design, you can create your own branded geofilters to sell on Snapchat as well. You can create your own GeoFilters, and then sell them over at the FilterPop Marketplace. Artists actually make a generous amount from FilterPop — a whole 30% of each sale. FilterPop does all of the promoting and marketing, helping your filter get sales. Some artists are making around $1,000 per month just selling Snapchat Geofilters.

Gain Sponsorships

If you have a lot of Snapchat followers, you can partner with companies to gain sponsorships, and make money that way. The money you make will all depend on the amount of Snapchat followers you have, but you do have a substantial amount of earning potential with it. Companies want to get their products in front of as many eyes as possible — and they want people to remember what their product is. What better way to do that than partnering with people’s favorite Snapchat influencers, and getting them to sell the product for them? It works really well, and if you have a really good amount of followers, your earning potential can be in the potential of a hundred thousand or more per year.

Brand Coupons

You might also want to consider how brand coupons can help you. Brand coupons can provide consumers with exclusive discounts that potential consumers don’t want to miss out on. Brand coupons expire in a certain amount of time, thus encouraging consumers to use the coupon before it expires. This can help sell product, so if you have an online store or a way to sell product online, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of brand coupons.


As you can see, making money with Snapchat can be a little bit of a difficult endeavor. It’s really difficult to sell product or gain sponsorships unless you already have an existing popular brand — starting one from scratch on Snapchat is nigh impossible. But, with a little persistence, and by leveraging other social media platforms to gain Snapchat followers, you might have at least a little bit of success.

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