3 Best Radio Apps To Listen To Local AM/FM Radio Without Data For Pixel 3

Tired of using up all of your data on the Google Pixel 3 for music streaming and your favorite online radio shows? Then you might want to consider looking for other alternative, such as being able to stream through AM FM radio waves. After all, every phone does have a radio chip inside of it, it’s just a matter of whether the carrier activated it or not. Generally, it stays disabled — at least in the United States — but you might still have some options for listening to your favorite radio content.

If you follow along below, we’ll show you the three best radio apps that you can use to listen to local AM and FM radio without data. Here’s the information that you need to know!

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TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is first up on our list. It’s actually one of the most popular ways to listen to your favorite local AM and FM radio stations. They’ve gotten really popular over the years, and that’s largely because the sheer amount of stations available on the platform. There’s actually over 100,000 stations that you can listen to across the United States, and many of your hometown’s local stations are available here. TuneIn Radio primarily uses data streaming, since generally, the audience they advertise to does not have the AM/FM chip enabled in their phones.

TuneIn Radio is a really neat app because it also takes advantage of AI technology and smart assistants. For example, using Google Assistant on your phone, you could say, “OK Google, listen to ESPN Radio.” Google Assistant would use that command to launch ESPN Radio with the TuneIn Radio app, essentially allowing you to open your favorite radio station hands-free.

TuneIn Radio is a great way to listen to your favorite content.

Download it now: Google Play

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One great way to listen to your favorite local radio stations is iHeartRadio. You’ve no doubt heard of them already, as iHeartRadio has done a great job at making a name for itself in the type of content that they offer. You have quick access to your favorite local radio stations — such as Nash FM in the Flint, MI area — radio personalities, podcasts, and more.

iHeartRadio has a great mixture of content. Whether you’re a fan of country music, pop music, rap, talk shows, and more, iHeartRadio has something for you. With tons of stations in their arsenal, you’ll be able to listen to all types of genres at no charge. There’s even popular radio personalities like Dave Ramsey and Ken Coleman on iHeartRadio! Now, there are advertisements in place, but you can get rid of these by signing up for the subscription service as well.

iHeartRadio has expanded its type of content recently, trying to take on services like Pandora and Spotify with its own on-demand streaming capabilities. Sign up for a subscription, and you’ll be able to listen to thousands of your favorite songs on-demand.

Download it now: Google Play

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NextRadio comes in as last on our list, but it’s a great way to take advantage of the radio chip inside of your Google Pixel 3, if you have it enabled. You can ask your carrier to enable, or if you have an International model, it might be enabled already. That said, just download NextRadio, and you’ll be able to listen to your favorite local stations this way. You can even plug headphones into your Pixel 3, which NextRadio will actually use as a antenna to boost the signal!

If you don’t have your radio chip enabled in the Google Pixel 3, all hope isn’t lost. If you don’t have that chip enabled, NextRadio is automatically able to stream your favorite local stations over a data connection. Sure, you’ll be using your data plan because of the streaming, but one of the neat things about NextRadio is that it optimizes the content coming through to use as little data as possible.

You can download the NextRadio app for free on your Pixel 3 at the link below.

Download it now: Google Play


As you probably already know, it’s really difficult to stream AM or FM radio with your smartphone if that radio chip isn’t enabled. You can try and get in touch with your carrier on enabling that, or it might already be enabled on an International unit. Still, if it’s not enabled, these three apps will allow you to listen to your favorite local radio stations, but with using your data connection instead.

How do you listen to local AM and FM radio on your phone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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