You can now get your own JBL Link Bar

The JBL Link Bar has been talked about for a long time now, but now we’re actually seeing the device up for sale.

JBL’s Link Bar might sound like a soundbar, but it’s so much more than that. Not only does it have its soundbar functionality, but it also works as an Android TV Box, and even has Google Assistant built-in.

It’s actually running some crazy specifications. You should be able to get some really good sound output, with this supporting a whopping 100 watts. There are also three HDMI inputs, an HDMI ARC input, and a far-field microphone for activating Google’s Assistant.

On top of that, it comes with support for Chromecast and Bluetooth 4.2. With Chromecast functionality, you can actually stream content straight from our phone to the Link Bar.

Now, with all of that gadgetry built-in, the Link Bar does come at a cost. At the time of this writing, you’re looking at a whopping $399 just for a single JBL Link Bar. Check it out below.

source: JBL

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