What is YouTube Super Thanks and How Much Revenue Do You Keep?

YouTube has a monetization feature called Super Thanks, which allows viewers to send monetary tips and donations to creators on a per video basis. This tool joins Super Chats and Super Stickers as ways for creators to monetize their YouTube content.

In this article, we’ll explain exactly how Super Thanks works and what percentage of the donations creators actually get to keep.

How to Enable Super Thanks

Enabling Super Thanks is simple if you are part of the YouTube Partner Program:

  1. Go to YouTube Studio and click on “Earn”
  2. under “Ways to earn” section, find “Supers”
  3. Accept the new YouTube agreement for Super Thanks.
  4. Toggle on the “Super Thanks” switch.

This will enable the feature across all your video content.

Super Thanks Availability

Super Thanks is rolling out globally and is available in most countries. Refer to YouTube’s support article for full details on availability.

Countries Where Super Thanks is Available

This table could list out some of the main countries where Super Thanks has rolled out:

United StatesYes
United KingdomYes

What Viewers See with Super Thanks

When Super Thanks is enabled, viewers will see a “Thanks” button below your videos. They can click this to send a tip from preset amounts like $2, $5, or $10.

After sending a Super Thanks, two things happen:

  • An on-screen animation thanks the viewer for their tip.
  • A comment is posted indicating the tip amount and who sent it.

Super Thanks on Mobile

The mobile Super Thanks experience is very similar. Viewers tap the Thanks button and select a tip amount.

How Much Revenue Do Creators Keep from Tips?

YouTube takes a cut of all Super Thanks tips, just like they do with Super Chats. Currently the revenue split is:

  • 70% to the video creator
  • 30% to YouTube

So for example, if a viewer sends a $10 Super Thanks tip, you as the creator will receive $7. YouTube takes a $3 cut.

Revenue Split Table

Tip AmountCreator KeepsYouTube Takes
This table shows the revenue split for different Super Thanks donation amounts.

Pros and Cons of Super Thanks

Super Thanks has some clear monetization advantages but also some downsides to consider:


  • New revenue stream from existing content
  • Seamless integration into YouTube
  • Viewers can show appreciation and support


  • YouTube takes a 30% cut of all tips
  • Can’t edit or customize Super Thanks comments
  • Unclear whether viewers know there is a revenue split

Should You Enable Super Thanks?

While not perfect, Super Thanks provides an incremental new monetization method with minimal effort. It’s worth trying out, though likely works best for creators with an engaged audience.

Video Ideas to Incentivize Super Thanks

One strategy creators can use to encourage more Super Thanks tips is to incentivize viewers by tying video ideas to tip goals. For example, you could tell viewers that for every video, if you reach a certain tip amount, you’ll create special bonus content. Some video idea and tip goal pairs could be:

Video IdeaSuper Thanks Goal
Sing viewer comment$50 in tips
Do challenge requested by viewers$100 in tips
Create bonus behind-the-scenes video$250 in tips
Make video dressed as fan-voted character$500 in tips

By setting defined Super Thanks goals and associating them with fun video ideas like these, you give your viewers something to work towards. It taps into that feeling of being part of a community and helping unlock special content. Just make sure the tip goals are reasonable and that you deliver on the video promises once goals are reached.

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