What is the Ribbon Finance (AEVO) Token? How Do I Buy It?

AEVO is the native cryptocurrency token for the Aevo decentralized derivatives exchange platform. Aevo is focused on offering options, perpetual futures, and other derivative trading products.

Quick Tip: The best way to buy AEVO is from Binance

Some key things to know about AEVO:

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 AEVO tokens
  • Initial circulating supply on launch: 110,000,000 AEVO (11%)
  • AEVO is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain

The AEVO token has several core utilities within the Aevo ecosystem:


AEVO holders can participate in the governance of the Aevo protocol by voting on protocol upgrades, fee changes, whitelisting new assets, and other proposals.

Staking & Fee Discounts

Users who stake their AEVO tokens can earn a portion of the trading fees generated on Aevo. Stakers also receive discounted trading fees on the platform.


Aevo has allocated 3% of the total AEVO supply (30,000,000 tokens) for an airdrop to early users of the platform before its launch on centralized exchanges.

How to Buy AEVO

The primary way to acquire AEVO tokens currently is through the Binance Launchpool event. Binance opened up farming pools on March 8th, 2024 where users can earn AEVO by staking BNB or FDUSD tokens.

Buying AEVO on Binance Launchpool

The Binance Launchpool for AEVO opened on March 8th and runs until March 12th. Here are the key details:

  • 45,000,000 AEVO tokens allocated for Launchpool (4.5% of supply)
  • Two pools: BNB pool and FDUSD pool
  • Users must pass KYC to participate
  • Hard caps per user per hour: 30,000 AEVO (BNB pool) and 7,500 AEVO (FDUSD pool)

To participate:

  1. Have BNB or FDUSD tokens ready in your Binance spot wallet
  2. Go to the AEVO Launchpool page on Binance
  3. Commit BNB or FDUSD tokens to the pool
  4. Farm and accumulate AEVO rewards during the 5 day period
  5. Claim AEVO rewards to your Binance spot wallet

After the Launchpool concludes, Binance will list AEVO in its spot market on March 13th with trading pairs like AEVO/USDT and AEVO/BTC. Users can then withdraw their AEVO to a private Ethereum wallet if desired.

Ribbon Finance RBN to AEVO Conversion

Ribbon Finance holders of the RBN token can convert their RBN on a 1:1 basis into AEVO. However, the converted AEVO is subject to a 2-month lockup period following the original RBN vesting schedule.

Buying on Centralized Exchanges

After the Binance listing on March 13th, other major cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and ByBit are expected to follow and list AEVO trading pairs over the following weeks and months.

This will open up more options for retail investors to simply buy AEVO tokens directly on exchanges using fiat currencies or stablecoins like USDC.

Ribbon Finance and AEVO’s Background

The AEVO token launch is part of the integration between the Ribbon Finance DeFi protocol and the new Aevo decentralized derivatives exchange platform. The two projects share a common development team.

Ribbon Finance was an early pioneering DeFi protocol that launched in 2020. It is best known for its innovative options vaults that allowed users to go long or short on options positions.

In mid-2023, Ribbon Finance proposed transitioning to the new Aevo platform and rebranding the RBN token to AEVO. The move aimed to combine Ribbon’s strengths in options with Aevo’s expansion into perpetual futures and a full derivatives exchange.

Aevo raised over $16 million through seed, angel and venture capital rounds from notable investors like Coinbase, Kraken, Dragonfly Capital, and others. The project has grand ambitions to become the leading decentralized derivatives trading platform.

AEVO’s Competitive Advantages

Some of the key innovations and advantages that AEVO and the Aevo platform aim to deliver:

  • Custom Ethereum layer 2 rollup using OP stack for high throughput
  • Off-chain orderbook and on-chain settlement for exchange trades
  • Cross-margin capabilities across options, futures, and other products
  • Advanced portfolio margin model for maximizing capital efficiency
  • 4.75% APY on collateral through integration with Maker’s DSR
  • Structured products like call overwriting and covered puts

As derivative trading continues gaining popularity, decentralized platforms like Aevo are positioning themselves as viable alternatives to centralized exchanges. AEVO’s upcoming launch and listing will be a milestone for the DeFi ecosystem.

Ribbon Finance (AEVO) Token

The AEVO token is powering the latest generation of decentralized derivatives trading capabilities through the Aevo exchange. Whether you’re a trader looking for portfolio margin capabilities or a DeFi user seeking structured yield products, AEVO presents an intriguing new option.

Acquiring AEVO is currently best achieved through the Binance Launchpool. But more opportunities via centralized listings and the upcoming airdrop may arise. As derivative trading goes blockchain native, projects like Aevo are well-positioned to capture value.

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