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Don’t Have A TV? Google Play Has Got You Covered!

Everyday TV is getting more and more worthless to watch, and even pay for. One big reason for that is with the introduction of streaming movies and TV episodes. If you don’t watch TV aside from episodes of popular titles like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, you don’t really need to have cable

Time Warner Cable Invests $25 Million In 1GBP/s Fiber Network

Some amazing things are happening in today’s world of technology. Mobile network speeds are getting faster, smartphones are getting faster and lighter, tablets are starting to overpower today’s consoles, and internet speeds are beginning to skyrocket.  Time Warner Cable has announced on Tuesday that a $25 million investment to highly expand its fiber broadband network

HBO Releases Max Go For Cinemax Subscribers

After a successful spring launch of HBO’s signature app, HBO Go, the fine folks at HBO are back at it again. This time they are expanding the Go concept to Cinemax subscribers. HBO Go actually made it to Android before NetFlix did and allowed a superior streaming performance to any HBO subscriber who accessed the