Starfield Ultimate Team: Starfield Crew Skills and Compositions

In Starfield, you can recruit companions to join your crew and assign them to your ship or outposts. These companions provide passive bonuses and buffs based on their skills, allowing you to customize and enhance your ship’s capabilities. Choosing the right crew composition is key to building Starfield ultimate team an elite team optimized for different playstyles and missions. This guide that have been made by a Redditor will break down crew skills and suggest skill synergies to craft your ultimate Starfield team.

Understanding Crew Skills

There are over 20 crew skills in Starfield spanning combat, tech, science, and social categories. Skills range from Rank 1 to 4, with higher ranks providing improved effects. Some key skills include:

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Astrodynamics (Tech): Reduces fuel costs for space travel. Higher ranks provide greater fuel savings.

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Piloting (Tech): Improves ship speed and maneuverability. Rank 4 also grants an extra engine power bar.

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Shield Systems (Tech): Increases shield capacity. Rank 3 provides an extra shields power bar.

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Aneutronic Fusion (Tech): Provides bonus reactor power for other ship systems.

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Leadership (Social): Allows for additional crew slots beyond the normal limit.

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Weapon Systems (Combat): Enhances damage for specific weapon types like lasers, missiles, and particle beams.

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Marksmanship (Combat): Improves non-automatic ranged weapon damage and critical hits.

Skill Synergies for Specialized Builds

With over 20 skills to choose from, the key is identifying synergies between crew members to maximize bonuses. Here are sample specialized builds:

The Fuel Miser

Key Skills: Astrodynamics, Piloting

The Fuel Miser build focuses on reducing fuel costs and improving fuel efficiency. Prioritize crew with high Astrodynamics and Piloting skills:

  • Sarah Morgan (Astrodynamics Rank 4, Piloting Rank 3): 50% fuel cost reduction, 30% increased speed
  • Erick Van Prince (Astrodynamics Rank 2, Piloting Rank 1): 20% fuel savings, 15% speed boost
  • Sam Coe (Piloting Rank 4): 30% increased speed, extra engine power

With this setup, you can traverse systems faster and cheaper, ideal for explorers and traders.

The Tank

Key Skills: Shield Systems, Engineering

For heavy combat, The Tank build beefs up defenses using Shield Systems and Engineering skills:

  • Omari Hassan (Shield Systems Rank 3): 40% more shield capacity, extra shields power
  • Barrett (Engineering Rank 4): Faster repairs, damage resistance
  • Rafael Aguerro (Engineering Rank 2): Enhanced damage mitigation

The Tank can absorb damage while engineering skills keep systems humming. Perfect for battles against pirates and privateers.

The Arsenal

Key Skills: Weapon Systems, Marksmanship

The Arsenal crew maximizes firepower through weapon and marksmanship skills:

  • Dani Garcia (Energy Weapons Rank 2): +20% energy weapon damage
  • Marika Boros (Particle Beams Rank 1): +10% particle beam damage
  • Moara Otero (Marksmanship Rank 2): +8% ranged crit chance

With The Arsenal specialized in dealing damage, engage in dogfights and raids with confidence.

Balanced Crew for Multi-Purpose Ships

For versatile ships, a balanced composition covering key skills is ideal:

  • Sarah Morgan: Astrodynamics Rank 4 for fuel savings
  • Sam Coe: Piloting Rank 4 for speed and maneuverability
  • Barrett: Engineering Rank 4 to boost defenses
  • Omari Hassan: Shield Systems Rank 3 for extra protection
  • Vasco: Aneutronic Fusion Rank 1 for bonus reactor power

This balanced build provides a mix of speed, protection, and efficiency – perfect for explorers who encounter combat. Modify as needed by swapping skills like weapon systems for engineering if you want more offense or defense.

Maximizing Crew Limits

The Ship Command skill increases the number of crew you can assign to your ship. Upgrading this enables larger crews to activate more skills.

You can also circumvent the limit by having Sarah Morgan (Leadership Rank 2) on your ship, allowing you to slot additional crew beyond the normal boundaries.

Take advantage by squeezing in extra specialists like weapon and engineering experts to pile on bonuses and create an overpowered juggernaut.

Crafting the ideal crew composition is critical for enhancing your ship’s capabilities. Analyze skill synergies within combat, tech, science, and social when devising your lineup. For general use, balanced crews work best. But specialized builds focused on a specific playstyle can push ships to new heights. Master crew skills and skill combos to assemble your ultimate Starfield team fitted for any job.

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