7 Best Security Camera Not Made In China in 2024

Home security cameras, as the name itself presents, is a security device that records video footages on one’s property that can either be viewed using a mobile or tablet device or in a computer. About 90% of the security cameras available in the market today are made in China. Although finding a security camera that is not made in China can be difficult, it is not entirely impossible to find one as there are quite a number of manufacturers of security camera from other countries as well. That is in here, we have gathered some of the best security camera not made in China that is available for purchase in the market.

At A Glance: Security Camera Not Made In China

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Security Camera not made in China

Installing a security camera at home or on your property is of great help to make you feel safe. Moderm security camera is designed with a motion detection feature where in it will record the motion and will automatically send alerts the users through their mobile devices.

There are several factors that you need to consider before deciding to purchase a security camera or ip cameras such as where the camera will be set up, or the platforms that you plan to use your security camera with such as Apple Home or Alexa.

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Blink Outdoor Security Camera

The first on the list is the Blink Outdoor Security Camera from Blink Home security. It is a wireless HD security camera that is battery operated. This camera will monitor your property or your home at daytime and even at night time since it is equipped with an infrared night vision.

Even if the device is battery operated using two lithium AA batteries, battery life usually lasts up to 2 years.

With this security system, it is required to subscribed to the Blink Subscription plan if you want to store photos and video footages using the camera.

Since it is an outdoor security device, it is made to be durable, long lasting and can withstand different weather conditions.

The security camera is very easy to install, no need to hire a profession to install it for you since it is as wireless camera as previously mentioned. It features a two-way communication that is connected to your blink app that you will install on your smartphone devices.

In the market, the Blink Security camera comes in either of these configurations: 1 camera kit, 2 camera kit, 3 camera kit,5 camera kit and there is also an option to add additional camera.

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Wyze Security camera

The Wyze Security camera version 3 is designed with a color night vision that records night time videos in full colors because of its starlight sensor feature with an apperture of f/1.6 therefore light is captured 2x as compared to other night vision security cameras.

Wyze cam is a wired camera with an IP65 rating, this means that it is perfect for outdoor use and for indoor use as well. Though an adapter is required for outdoor use, the adapter is not included therfore you have to purchase it separately.

Wyze cam also features motion detection. This means that Wyza security camera automatically records any sound or movement when it is detected and alerts you on your smartphones.

This device allows recording for 24/7 and the recordings will be stored on a MicroSD card (32GB).

This surveillance equipment is IFTTT certified.

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Blink Mini

Another great product from Blink is the Blink Mini. Despite its compact design, this mini security device functions no less than other seuciry cameras out there.

The Blink Mini features a 1080 HD visual coverage of your home. A plug-in security camera that is designed to record motion detection and alerts users on their smartphones. It also features a two-way audio with its live and real time coverage.

With a Blink Mini device, you will be required to subscribed to a Blink subscription plan if you want the recorded videos and photo be saved.

This device has a quick and easy setup feature, simply plug the camra, connect it to home’s wifi and continue the install process by following tha simple instructions on Blink Home Monitor app.

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Ring Video Doorbell

Video doorbells is increasing its popularity as one of the highly recommended smart home device. Not only will it record the activities outside.

Ring video doorbells are usually compatible with Alexa. It allows you to connect through your smartphones on your smart home security system. It also features a screen enabled echo speaker.

Ring devices are designed with a 1080p HD video doorbell that allows you to hear, see and speak to someone using your smartphone devices such as a phone or a tablet.

You can either use a battery to operate the device or connect it to other security cameras inside the house for continuous power.

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Arlo Pro 3

Next on our list of non china security cameras is the Arlo Pro 3 spotlight camera. It is a wireless security cameras that record videos in 2K and in HDR. This means that the images are more clearer, the pictures are less distorted even at night.

Fetaures a color night vision that clearly sees faces in full color at night. Also features as two-audio that allows you to hear individuals and can respond to them on the camera using your smartphones.

Since it is wireless, the cameras can be easily installed and set up allowing you to adjust the video coverage that you like.

You can save the video footages using as USB or you record it on your cloud storage. Though with cloud storage for up to 60 days (subscription is needed), an Enhanced 911 feature is also included in the plan.

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Google Nest

Now we have the Google Nest Security cameras. This Nest camera will allow usesr to view and playback recorded footages using the Google’s Nest Hub that is of course compatible with Google Assistant as well.

The Google Nest camera is an outdoor surveillance cameras with night vision feature. Allows live video recordings 24/7 with its 1080P HD on a 130 degree view coverage. Since it is an outdoor camera, it is designed to withstand any weather conditions.

It automatically alerts your smartphone when a motion is detected. It is very easy to install, there is no hub required to install the device, simply use the magnetic mount of the device.

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Simplisafe home security system

This one right here is the latest generation of Simplisafe home security system. Features a 1080p and in crystal clear hd streaming using your smartphone devices, a table or on your PC. This is free of use via the SimpliSafe app, this means that a subscription is not required.

Similar to the security cameras that was previously mentioned, this one can also detect motion and immediately notifies and alerts the users on their devices connected to the camera.

The Simplisafe security camera also features an intelligent detection algorithm that can detect unique human heat signatures therefore you will have the option to only be alerted with human motions.

It is compatible with Google assistant and simplisage Gen3 home security system.

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Two Main Types of Security camera

The two main types of security cameras are outdoor camera and indoor camera. Although both has the same function used as a surveillance camera, each is different from the other. First, the casing and the lens of an outdoor camera is made with a protective coating to prevent it from damage caused by different weather conditions such as rain, dust and sun. Basically, an outdoor camera is more durable and the price is quite higher as compared to a indoor security camera.

SubType of Security Cameras

Smart security system

With the advent of technology, smart home security cameras is increasing its popularity since it is more convenient and easy to use. The smart home devices camera is connected to an application that will be installed on your phone. That way you can open the app anytime and view the camera anytime you like, and that viewing is real time via a smart outdoor cam.


The dome camera is a dome-shaped security camera. It can either be for indoor use or outdoor use. Most of the dome camara works well on low light settings at home because most dome cameras are designed with infrared LED’s that are built-in.

Dome camera also have a broader range therefore more visual coverage as compared to other cameras such as the bullet cameras.

Bullet (Cylindrical bullet)

If you hear about Bullet cameras, you will definitely know that these types of cameras are camera designed to only focus in a single direction of the view. That is why, getting a bullet camera will usually require adding more camera if you want to view other areas of your home as well. And since, the range of view is limited Bullet cameras is an option for those who are on a tight budget because of its affordable prices.

Wired Indoor Camera

Wired indoor security cameras uses either an ethernet cable or a coaxial cable. Most wired indoor cameras are shaped like a dome and the installation is usually mounted on the ceiling of your home. Wired indoor cameras are designed to have a wide and full view of the house.

Wired Outdoor camera

While wired indoor camera are dome-shaped cameras, wired outdoor cameras on the other are are bullet type camera wherin it has a cylindrical shape. Similar to wired indoor camera, a wired outdoor camera is also connected on a central recording device.

The cameras are also mounted on either the walls or the ceilings of a house or any property.

Wireless Indoor Camera

Wireless Indoor cameras are security cameras system that is wireless and installed for indoor use. The wireles indoor camera is also known as a Wi-Fi camera wherein the device is connected to a wireless connection and records video footages then stores it on the cloud.

Most wireless indoor camera do not require a professional to install since it is very easy and simple to install. Though these type of security cameras needs to be plugged to an electrical source for it to function.

Wireless Outdoor camera

Another Security camera sub type is the wireless outdoor camera. This type of camera is for outdoor use, this means that is does not require to be plugged to an electrical source but rather a rechargeable battery inside is what’s making the camera turned on and function.

It functions are similar to that of a wired outdoor camera, but the only difference is the recording. Since a wireless outdoor camera operates only using a battery, it would be difficult to store continuous recordings.

Floodlight Cameras

Floodlight camera is similar to a wireless outdoor security camera. A floodlight camera operates using an outlet and it hardwired to the lighting setup in your home or property.

Video Doorbell cameras

Video doorbell camera has gained its popularity as it has a dual purpose: used as a security camera and as a doorbell. This unique security camera functions by detection motion on the doorbells and whenever the doorbell is pressed by someone outside. The moment the doorbell is pressed, it automatically records the footage.

Another good thing about this types of camera is that it usually has a two-way communication using your smartphone device.

Video doorbells camera can either be wired or uses a battery to function.


Installing a home security cameras or CCTV system in your home or any property will give you and your loved ones the protection it needs. Most of the security cameras are made Chinese companies however there are also other not china companies that offers security cameras as well that also offers high quality security cameras as well.

We hope that this guide has helped you in your search for the best security cameras that are not made in China.

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