Samsung Galaxy S6 Can’t Connect to PC and Other Related Concerns


Most of us have the urge to share pictures, videos, and other media files to our friends and loved ones. The easiest way to take shots and record videos is through our mobile device as it is portable and can be carried anywhere we go. Once we get home, we want to keep a copy for filtering or safekeeping purposes thus we turn to our PCs or laptops for help. When things go smoothly, we are happy. But such is not the case every time. We do encounter some troubles while going through the process and we tend to be lost and would not know what to do. That’s where we (TheDroidGuy) come in. We have compiled some issues that our avid readers sent in to get help with. We provided some solutions to these problems which may help you and them as well.

If your #SamsungGalaxyS6 is #notdetected by the computer, you may want to try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Windows users – download the necessary USB drivers and Smart-Switch for the Samsung Galaxy S6. Mac and Linux users – no need to install any drivers or software. Your phone should be automatically detected.
  2. Using the original USB cable, attach the device to an available USB port preferably at the back of the PC.
  3. Your phone should notify you of some options to choose from. The Connected as media Device > Media device (MTP) option is for file/media transfers from phone to PC and vice versa. Choosing Connected as a media device > Camera (PTP) will allow you to shoot pictures using your phone.
  4. If successful, Samsung Galaxy S6 should appear under Computer/This PC for Windows users and Desktop/Finder for Mac OSX users.

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Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S6 “MTP USB driver install fails” Error When Connected via USB on a Windows 7 PC

 Hi guys. I have a brand new Galaxy S6 which I cannot connect to my Windows 7 PC. Let me clarify, it connects as a modem under Devices and Printers. I receive a message that the “MTP USB driver install fails, and a “the path not specified” error message. I have tried everything in my amateur computer skills army, including Samsung Support Chat, my courrier’s tech support, and numerous other suggested fixes via Google searches. ALL have failed. Please help! — Ed

Related Problem: Hi there. I have recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S6. Two weeks ago, I tried connecting it to my computer. The phone is connected but is not recognized by my computer. The device shows up under Devices and Printers rather than as a USB. I need to transfer my photos from my phone along with upload some music. This is getting frustrating. Please help. Thank you. — Sinthuja

Solution: Hi Ed and Sinthuja. Is replacing the USB cable part of the fix that was suggested to you? How about installing specific USB drivers that would help the computer detect your phone? Android needs pre-requisite drivers to be installed on the computer in order for it to be recognized. Samsung has released the necessary complete driver package which will ensure that every function will be laid out accurately. These drivers are needed in order for your computer to recognize your phone correctly. Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with 32GB of storage so it can accommodate a huge amount of data including some drivers and your own files. The USB drivers for Galaxy S6 are always bundled with Samsung KIES and MTP drivers. In order for this to work, you need to use the phone’s original USB cable. Download and install the Samsung USB Drivers (Step 1 above) before connecting the phone to the PC. Wait for the device to be recognized by the computer. Multiple drivers will be installed including the modem and MTP service. Once the install is complete, check under My Computer if there is a new media available. If there is, your device is now ready to transfer files to the computer. Hope this helps.

Problem #2: Windows 8 and 10 are Unable to Detect Samsung Galaxy S6

So frustrated with Samsung. I can’t view files on my S6 via PC. Windows 8 and 10 both make a noise when I plug in via USB, but no phone ever shows up in explorer. Installed and reinstalled the drivers from Samsung matching my Verizon S6. Phone is in Dev mode with USB debug on. Tried Kies, it told me to install Smart Switch. I went into Kies anyway and it told me my phone is not supported. Installed Smart Switch and it said this phone is not supported. Uninstalled both and finally installed AirDroid so I could get my files on to my computer. It is slow as a turtle over Wi-Fi, but at least I am not trapped. The only unique thing I can think of is that I have not got my SIM chip in, so is this a blocking feature by Verizon/Samsung? This is a HORRIBLE development for an Android phone and it makes me long for a walled garden like Apple, I mean why would I use Samsung/Android if they are going to treat me like Steve Jobs would? – Nathon

Solution: Hello Nathan. I understand how frustrating this can be especially with a new product. One thing I am sure of though is that the SIM card has nothing to do with the connection issue as all files should be saved on the internal storage. That’s where the computer is trying to connect and not on the SIM chip. Your network provider can’t block the connection of your phone to the computer. I am also positive that the USB cable used is working as the PC seems to detect the connection. What versions of Windows 8 and 10 are you running? The extended versions require a Media Feature Pack in order for other media to work or be detected on the pc. Try installing the Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 8.1 and see if it resolves the issue. That is the only reason I can think of on why your phone is not detected. You may also want to try another third party syncing app like the SyncDroid if Kies doesn’t really work after installing the pack. Especially that AirDroid is not fast enough. It worked for me.



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  1. just had exactly same problem, EXCEPT that despite it saying the driver was up to date, I re applied the latedt driver and all workd according to AKW who did the following and the problem was solved (make sure your phone is attached to the PC):
    Go to Control Panel
    Select Device Manager
    Click on the Portable Devices arrow
    Click on your phone name
    Click on the Driver tab
    Click on Update Driver. IGNORE EVEN if it says drive is up to date. Always update 🙂 !!

  2. Hello fellow Androiders, I have been using my s6 edge for 2 years, recently, a few months back I have noticed that I can’t connect it to my pc (it has been working fine till that moment), I thought that something may be wrong with the micro usb port but I have just bought a card reader for my Camera’s SD card which has an option for transfering files to your smartphone. It seems that the port is working pretty fine. The ting is the phone does not detect that it is connecting to a pc it is only charging. I have tried many things, as I also ended up using the Air droid app, which is cool but it does not fix my problem. The thing is, Smart switch does not detect my phone either, but Odin does in programming mode, if you have any suggestions,please share them, maybe the software of the phone is crap? Thanks and happy new year celebration!!!

  3. When I connected the USB to my PC, the Samsung icon showed up in Computer, but was empty. Right click and choosing ‘browse files’ didn’t produce any photos. I then clicked on the USB icon in the top bar on the phone, opened it and changed to ‘Use USB for photo transfer’. Right click on the Samsung icon under Computer on my PC again, choose ‘browse files’ and option to import photos opened. They’re importing right now (finally)! I suppose I will have to change the USB icon back to ‘just charge this phone’ when done . . .

  4. I visited all the forums I could find and tried all the fixes, until one answer reminded me of the cable. I changed to a new cable and my pc found my 6S. The galaxy icon showed up in devices. If you right click on it, choose browse files and you will find camera etc to import your photos. Wasted 3 hours, but worth it. By the way, I was in media USB configuration.

  5. I kept trying and finally moved my cable to one of the back usb ports and it worked! Thanks to your site, I was able to figure it out.

  6. I connect my phone to the pc, select MTP, it opens to my phone and when I open the folder with my photos, I just get the spinning circle. Nothing will transfer over to the pc. If I wait long enough and touch the window with my folder, I get Not Responding. My photos will not transfer.

  7. I have just experienced same kind of problem for my Samsung Galaxy S3-SGH i747. I overcome this issue by:

    Go to dial pad & type *#0808#

    It displays USB settings

    Select MTP+ADB option

    Press OK button

    Connect to USB cable to PC

    It shows Connected as a media device.”

  8. So, I’m curious, WTH is the moderator that said they could help??? all I see is the same issue over and over with no answer that works…Whats the point in this page if NOONE IS HERE TO HELP??? I’ve had my SM-G925T S6 Edge 128gb over a year and a half the chord I’ve had for around 6mos and it all worked great till a week ago, no change in anything at all other than now it fails to connect to the computer correctly. it says “This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)” I have now uninstalled the drives like 5 times, cleared all caches, reset the preferences on the phone, tried every USB port “which all use to connect great with the same undamaged cord… Keis won’t connect, says I need the Smart Switch, Smart Switch Says It’s not Supported I have force pushed the latest Samsung drivers and the media pack for Windows 10 from the Android toolkit via direct injection from the unified toolkit rebooted, troubleshot re troubleshot, ##diag# only dial pads out as ##3424# and does nothing as it says”USSD code running spins forever then says unable to process the request” and that’s that. This Is beyond frustrating and nothing seems to fix it… I even broke down and tried other Chords although the one I have has no damage and worked great until like I said about a week ago… WTF SAMSUNG??? First KNOX now your punk ass phones won’t connect??? thinking it’s time to look at Apple… And ALL I’ve ever owned is Samsung and I hate Apple… BUT they connect guessing it’s time to exit them as they lose more functionality and in turn my Respect with every new update and problems they cause. I’m now left with an S6 with new Nougat P.O.S software and a Commercialized Malware Admin and none of the functionality I use to love about Samsung… been a Customer since the Original Galaxy getting one of each through the S6 edge over the years and with an S8 on order, which I think I’m gonna send back when it gets here as I’m super over this right now, and may end up skeet shooting this damn combo if it doesn’t get remedied ASAP… I do not know what has happened but nothing I do is fixing this.

  9. Well here’s one I haven’t seen on this list. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. When I plug it into to USB port on my PC (with the supplied cord that came with the phone) it “set up” my phone, but it reads as a MODEM, not a phone! Needless to say I cannot access the photos on it to copy to my computer, so it is very frustrating. Any ideas?

  10. My Samsung 6 edge and my computer cannot be connected via cable. I bought a brand new cable – all original from Samsung store and the error says: Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Requested Fail). What Can I do???

  11. I had same problem just now using fast cable. Could charge phone but computer and phone wont “talk” to each other. Changed cable to a slower cheaper one and it now works fine – Phew!!

  12. My Samsung Galaxy s6 won’t connect to my pc do I need to trun something on the settings on my phone

  13. I have a samsung 6 and it won’t show the connect as media device when I plug it into my mac (using the original charger) any comments?

  14. My computer does not recognize the S6 when it’s plugged in. I went to a Verizon store and the guy turned on some setting that I couldn’t find but it did the trick. The next time I connected the phone the PC “saw” it. It’s amazing that I can’t find anything on the internet about this, especially because, unfortunately, I’m having the same problem again and I don’t know what the guy turned on last time. I guess I’ll be heading back to Verizon, but I wish someone would post this fix. Teach a man to fish….

  15. Until today, I simply attached my Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone using a USB cable to my MacBook Pro, in order to transfer pictures from the “Camera” folder onto my laptop’s desktop. However, for some reason, when I click ONLY on the “Camera” folder, I get the color wheel of death sorely followed by the “…unable to access storage device…” dialog box. All other folders on my phone are accessible without issues. Can anyone please provide any solution for this aggravating problem I’ve already wasted nearly three hours trying to resolve?

    Thank you!

  16. I’ve been round and round the mulberry bush on this issue. Here’s what I’ve found with my custom workstation, Windows 10 and my Galaxy S6.

    Use the Samsung supplied cable, start your phone. Ensure screen timeout is set to maximum duration just in case. Connect the USB end to a USB3.0 port on your PC. THIS IS ESSENTIAL. Many motherboards support front case mounted USBs that are not USB 3.0. USB 3.0 ports are often rear mounted so connect the cable at the rear of the PC case and check they are USB 3.0. They are usually branded to confirm. Connect the phone jack to your phone and launch Windows Explorer and the S6 will be displayed as a folder. If you haven’t any USB3.0 ports don’t waste your time trying others, that way madness lies. Get some USB 3.0 ports installed. Hope this helps. Live long and prosper.

  17. I have a Galaxy S6. Until a couple of weeks ago I could only link to my computer (Win 10-64bit) if I navigated as follows: Settings (white gear in blue box), System, Developers Options, USB Configuration, MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). As long as the USB cable was attached, I could transfer files from and to the S6. Then, 2 weeks ago (probably after an update) I no longer needed to do anything but plug in the cable to transfer data to and from. I found that MTP was now permanently chosen under the USB Configuration option.

    My problem now is that Explorer doesn’t work. I tap it and after 4 seconds, the screen goes black. Any suggestions?

  18. Please help! I have a Samsung S6 and I have transferred photos and videos on my laptop (Windows 7) until now without issues. Today however, I was doing the same, everything was going fine, when I double-clicked in a video to check what it is and the laptop started suddenly to work something, it looked like saving (the green bar on the search field was advancing) and when it was done all the files in the DCIM/Camera folder were gone! I couldn’t find them in the Recycle Bin or in any other folder, they were just gone. However, they are still on my phone, but not visible with the computer. So clearly something happened with my laptop. I checked the solutions proposed here, the phone is on the MTP protocol enabled for media transfer and the MTP device is up to date. What to do? Thank you!

  19. I have had this problem with every Samsung Galaxy I’ve owned over the years. It is always a pain to get the files off and now my Samsung s6 is dying I am stuck trying to desperately get my videos off there because none of them seem to be uploading in order to backup. Over the years I have lost so many photos due to photos being a pain to get off the phone. I am seriously thinking of getting away from samsung phones now for the first time ever.

  20. The Smart Switch app made all the difference for me- can’t believe I’ve been living without this ability for the last two years! FWIW- I have the Samsung Galaxy S6 and a Dell Laptop with Windows Vista. I had already installed the device driver on my laptop, so Smart Switch is really what I needed.

  21. When I connected my Samsung S6 to my new windows 10 PC, I could transfer photos but the PC would not recognize files. I did the following and the problem was solved (make sure your phone is attached to the PC):
    Go to Control Panel
    Select Device Manager
    Click on the Portable Devices arrow
    Click on your phone name
    Click on the Driver tab
    Click on Update Driver

  22. type ##diag# on your phone pad –> select Qualcomm usb setting –> select MTP + ADB

    and that should enable it.

  23. I have the same problem – 1. I have USB debugging enabled, MTP enabled, phone is up to date 2. Orignal cable 3. Phone bought from Cricket 4. This use to work up until about 4 months ago 5. phone charges when plugged in to the computer. 5 can transfer some files via bluetooth but the larger files won’t go. Need a way to get 4bg file off the phone. The computer is win7 – Tried to install smart switch that didn’t help either.

  24. I’ve had this issue for a while now, and my USB isn’t recognised on windows 7 or 10.
    I’ve had my phone for over a year and the fast charging stopped working and the power up no longer works.

  25. Sure this is cable related as I bought an s6 edge of ebay I live in uk phone is us spec
    won,t link just charges whatever driver or debug settings all older Samsung are fine on my laptop
    have tried it on other pc no joy I think you need a Samsung cable ending in E as the s6 s6 edge s7 use
    a newer cable I think these ebay or third party sellers are suppyling older charging cables
    so I am going to try a new cable when it arrives new cable EP-DG925UWE instead of EP-DG925UWZ.

  26. Hey there, I just bought Galaxy s6 and i am not able to access its files via pc. After i plug it – it only works as a charger(windows 10 with all updates). I installed the Media Feature Pack but still – nothing happens….. any help please?

  27. My drivers are up to date. It gives me the option to open files. It also shows up under devices. But when i open the device there is nothing there to open.

  28. mtp driver failed. ive tried just about everything. original cable, both usb ports, win7 64, ive changed the drives so many times i stopped counting. two days already – is this a windows issue or a samsung issue? just unbelievable that new technology take some t the days of mem and bsods / driver issues. ive tried the upper filters registry – doesnt work. I CANNOT COPY ANYTHING TO MY galaxy S5- this is ludicrous. WMP v12 (latest), i installed the mtp kit from MS too –

  29. I have a MAC computer and when I plug in my galaxys6 it finds connection. Triying to upload them to the computer it lets me look at the pictures but when I want to sync with my computer it tell me cannot because pictures are the wrong format? That’s when it was connected as media device<camera. But when I try just media device it doesn't detect any pictures or even my phone at all.

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