How To Fix Samsung Dryer Filter Light Flashing

Samsung Dryer

Have you ever experienced your day being ruined because you were in such a hurry to dry your clothes but won’t be able to do it in time as your Samsung dryer filter sign appears? But what does it mean when the filter alert blinks and what you should do to fix it? Let’s find out as you read further. 

Samsung Dryer Filter Light Flashing

Why Does The Filter Light Flashing On Samsung Dryer? 

If you ever see the filter light flashing on your Samsung dryer’s display, there’s only one reason for that to happen and that means your appliance is dirty and needs to be cleaned. If the filter sign appears on your appliance’s display, it means that the lint filter must be cleaned and it is advisable to clean the lint filter after each load.

It must be cleaned regularly to avoid such issues to occur as the check filter light comes on when it thinks the dryer isn’t venting properly which is monitored by a thermistor sensor inside the dryer. You may notice the lint filter alert reminding you to do so or your dryer may display a NC/NC1 code, if supported. 

What To Do Samsung Dryer Filter Light Flashing

Troubleshooting your Samsung dryer should the filter light blinks is very easy. Here are some of the quick repairs that you can follow on your own. 

Check If The Lint Filter/Lint Screen Is Clogged

The first thing to do when you experience this issue is to make sure that there’s nothing that may block the lint filter/lint screen and perform a filter check. If it is clogged, remove it from the dryer and clean the debris using a soft brush and warm, soapy water. Let it dry completely and put it back on your dryer. 

Reduce the Load Size

If you have verified that the lint trap is not clogged, yet the check filter light still blinks or flashes, try reducing the load size when washing clothes. Overloading the Samsung dryer may also result in this kind of issue. 

Clean The Dryer

You may need to clean the whole dryer if the issue persists after trying those two procedures. Dirts on the dryer itself can be accumulated on the lint filter and may eventually cause a lint buildup. 

To clean the dryer properly, remove the lint filter and the vacuum around the filter opening. This will allow you to remove any lint or debris lurking inside the dryer. If you see these dirts on the dryer drum, clean it thoroughly using a damp cloth.

Just put back the lint filter into its place and make sure that it is installed properly along with the vacuum vacuum around the filter opening before you shut the dryer door. 

Perform A Reset On Your Samsung Dryer

Samsung dryers might not be reliable all the time as they can experience glitches. Resetting the dryer might be the answer if the issue is caused by a glitch on the appliance system. Doing so will clear out all the error codes in your Samsung dryer’s memory. 

To carry out this procedure, unplug  the dryer from the wall and wait for 10 minutes. After that time, plug the dryer back in and start a cycle. Just monitor if you still see the check filter light blinking. 

Contact Samsung Support

If you have cleaned the lint filter and vacuum cleaner, removed any lint build up on the lint trap or performed a reset but the check filter still blinks or flashes, then it is time to verify this concern with Samsung support. 

You can reach them through their official website or through their social media accounts on Facebook Messenger and Twitter for additional assistance. If there’s a Samsung service center in your area, you may also visit them as it might need technical checking with an authorized technician. 

FAQs/Related Questions

  1. How To Clean a Lint Filter?

    Cleaning the lint filter on your Samsung dryer should be easy. However, please note that while cleaning or removing the lint filter, do not shake or tap on the filter as that can damage it.To start cleaning the lint filter on your Samsung dryer, open the dryer door and pull the filter upwards to remove it. Keep in mind to maintain the rubber sealing in place after removing the filter. Then open the outer filter and remove the inner filter. Each of the inner and outer filters should be opened and let them spread.  Detach the lint from both filters and then clean them with a brush. It is advisable to clean them in running water to achieve a perfect clean, and then dry them completely.Once dried, put the internal filter in the external filter and then return the lint filter to the right position. Ensure that the lint filter is installed correctly before putting items in the dryer. Your dryer should not be turned on without the lint filter.

  2. What Does The Red Light on my Samsung Dryer Mean?

    The red light on flashing Samsung dryers is actually the same as the check filter light. The most common cause for the flashing red light is a clogged lint screen or vent system trapping heat in the dryer. Cleaning the lint screen, vent system, or both might resolve this problem.  If the error continues even if you finished cleaning the lint screen and the exhaust vent, it is advised to visit Samsung’s support center to request service. 

  3. What Does Vent Sensor Light and Cooling Light Mean on Samsung Dryer?

    Some Samsung dryer models have a Vent Check Sensor icon that indicates when the dryer is detecting a blockage in the exhaust vent. If you see a Vent Check Sensor light on your dryer’s front panel, and it is lit or blinking during or at the end of a cycle, you must clean the exhaust vent before performing any further troubleshooting.On the other hand, the cooling light  will begin blinking at the end of the cycle when the cycle goes into the cool down. If the cooling light begins to blink shortly after starting the dryer in an automatic moisture sensing cycle, then there’s a tendency that the dryer has a problem with the moisture sensing circuit.

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