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Rumors Swirl Around Google’s Pixel 9 Pro Smartphone For 2024

Google’s Pixel smartphone line has developed a reputation for excellent cameras and clean Android software experiences. While the recently released Pixel 8 series is still fresh, rumors are already circulating about Google’s next flagship phone lineup expected in 2024 – the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro.

Google Pixel 9 Pro rumors

Based on leaked information, it seems the Pixel 9 Pro may continue some key trends from this year’s models while also adding some new features.

Display and Design

According to display industry analyst Ross Young, the Pixel 9 Pro may have a slightly larger screen than the 6.7-inch display on the Pixel 8 Pro. Though the exact dimensions are unknown, this continues Google’s pattern of incremental display size increases each generation.

The overall design language introduced with the Pixel 6 is expected to remain for the Pixel 9 Pro. This includes the distinctive horizontal camera bar on the back. Google may also stick with its new “Pro” color palette of lighter frosted glass finishes.


While camera hardware upgrades aren’t confirmed, Google will likely focus on enhancing its excellent image processing capabilities through software updates. The Pixel series has never been about having the most advanced camera sensors, instead relying on Google’s computational photography and AI to extract the most from its camera setups.

New AI Assistant

One potential change coming in the Pixel 9 Pro is a revamped virtual assistant powered by Google’s GenAI technology. Dubbed “Pixie”, this AI helper would run fully on-device for privacy and broader capabilities beyond the current Google Assistant. Pixie may launch first on the Pixel 9 Pro before expanding to more Google devices.

Tensor G4 Chip

The Pixel 9 Pro will likely feature Google’s next generation Tensor G4 processor. Originally Google aimed to use a custom in-house chip for the Pixel 9 series, but missed internal deadlines mean the Tensor G4 will still be based on Samsung silicon as in past years. Nonetheless, expect some performance and efficiency gains from this updated model.

Wireless Charging

Finally, one rumor indicates the Pixel 9 Pro may support the new Qi2 wireless charging standard. This emerging tech promises faster charging speeds than existing Qi along with support for MagSafe-style magnetic accessories.

What We Want to See

While the Pixel 9 Pro rumors sound promising, there are a few specific features forum enthusiasts are hoping to see in Google’s 2024 flagship. On the wishlist are improvements to the Tensor chip, camera hardware, and cooling system.

Tensor G4 Chipset

For the Tensor G4, we hope Google utilizes Samsung’s latest Exynos 2400 chipset, as its performance could rival the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and 8 Gen 3. The Exynos 2400 would be a significant upgrade over previous Pixel processors.

Snapdragon Modem

It would be great if Google could incorporate a Snapdragon modem alongside the Tensor chip, as Apple does with its Bionic chips. This could potentially improve cellular connectivity and efficiency.

Cooling System

The Pixel 9 Pro needs a large, advanced cooling system to prevent overheating issues that previous Pixels have faced. A top-tier vapor chamber or heat pipe design would let the Tensor G4 sustain peak performance for longer periods.

Camera Hardware and Software

For camera hardware, a 1-inch main sensor would be a major upgrade, along with larger 1/2-inch sensors for improved 3x and 6x telephoto lenses. Software improvements like less aggressive processing, a portrait mode with adjustable blur, and retaining natural color warmth are also desired. Additionally, upgrades to video stabilization and lens switching could take the Pixel 9 Pro’s cameras to the next level.

While details remain scarce about a year ahead of the Pixel 9 Pro’s expected launch, Google’s devotees have a few tidbits to chew on for now. As with all rumors, plans can change leading up to release. But the Pixel 9 Pro appears set to iterate on the Pixel 8 series with minor but meaningful enhancements.

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