Regulator Taking Samsung to Court over Misleading Advertising

For long now, Samsung has heavily marketed the water resistance features on its flagship offerings. The trend started with the infamous Galaxy S5 and has continued since then with a few exceptions. The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has now announced that it will seek legal recourse against the South Korean manufacturer over charges of misleading advertising.

The ACCC mentions that the water resistance features on Samsung’s phones are exaggerated in marketing materials to the point of deceiving the customers. The fact that Samsung has denied a few water damage warranty claims doesn’t help the company’s case either. The ACCC has so far reviewed over 300 Samsung advertising materials that prove its case. Overall, the commission believes that Samsung didn’t conduct adequate research to ascertain the long term impact of water damage on these devices.

As serious as this may seem, it should surprise no one if this case is brushed aside eventually. Sources familiar with the matter claim that Samsung intends to defend itself and will continue to post marketing materials that talk about its water resistance.

“Samsung stands by its marketing and advertising of the water resistancy (sic) of its smartphones,” the Korean company said in a statement. “We are also confident that we provide customers with free-of-charge remedies in a manner consistent with Samsung’s obligations under its manufacturer warranty and the Australian Consumer Law. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Samsung and we are committed to acting in the best interest of our customers.”

Do you own a Samsung smartphone? What’s your take on the matter?

Source: ACCC


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