Protect Your Etsy Store From Getting Shut Down (New Mockup Rules Explained)

The Etsy seller community is currently filled with questions and concerns about the use of mockups. The cloud of uncertainty is thick, especially when it comes to newer sellers who heavily rely on mockups to showcase their products.

The Focus on AI-Generated Mockups

It appears that Etsy is honing in on the use of AI-generated mockups. This has led to speculation that such mockups might be the reason behind the recent account deactivations and warnings.

The Difference Between AI-Generated and Standard Mockups

AI-generated mockups are usually created using software that simulates how your product will look. While these are quick and easy to produce, they may not always be an accurate representation.

Example: If you’re selling hand-knitted scarves, an AI-generated image might not capture the intricate details, like stitch quality, that a standard photograph would.

The Argument for Standard Mockups on Etsy

Standard mockups often involve taking a photo of the actual product, usually modeled by a person. These types of mockups are often more trusted by shoppers.

Example: You could set up a mini-studio at home with good lighting to photograph your hand-knitted scarves on a model. This would give potential buyers a more accurate idea of what they’re purchasing.

Mockup TypeProsCons
AI-GeneratedQuick, cost-effectiveMay not be accurate
StandardAccurate, more trustworthyTime-consuming, may require equipment

The Risk of Changing Settings or Mockups

Suddenly changing all your mockups or settings might draw unwanted attention to your account.

Example: If you hastily replace all your AI-generated mockups with hastily taken photographs, the sudden change could flag your account for review, which could lead to further complications.

Investigating the Reasons Behind Account Issues

If your account has been flagged, the first step is to find out why. Reach out to Etsy support for clarification and read through the platform’s policies to make sure you’re not in violation.

The Dilemma of “Vacation Mode”

The Potential Downside of Pausing Your Store

Putting your store on “vacation mode” may seem like a good way to dodge the bullet, but it comes with downsides. You could lose your ranking and sales velocity, which are crucial, especially during high-sales periods like Q4.

Impact on Sales and Rankings

Your store’s visibility on Etsy is determined by several metrics, including sales velocity. Activating “vacation mode” could push your store down in rankings, making it harder to recover later.

Example: If you’re typically making 30 sales a day and go into “vacation mode,” you could drop to a point where you’re only making 10 sales a day after you reactivate your account.

Turning Crisis into Opportunity

The Positive Side of the Recent Changes for Serious Sellers

The changes could thin out the herd, leaving more room for serious sellers to flourish.

How to Stand Out Amidst the Changes

Consider investing in creating your own mockups. This not only adds uniqueness to your store but also adheres to any potential new guidelines about mockup accuracy.

Example: If you sell custom mugs, photographing them in various home settings can add a touch of realism that AI-generated mockups can’t capture.

Compliance and Branding

The Importance of Following Rules

Read Etsy’s seller policies and community guidelines thoroughly. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse and could result in your store being shut down. Etsy does not mess around, and there are stories of stores getting shut down that are just heartbreaking.

Operating as a Legitimate Business on Etsy

Treat your Etsy store as a business, keeping records and adhering to all guidelines.

Example: Keep a checklist of Etsy’s dos and don’ts and make it a routine to go through it every month to ensure you’re in compliance.

Future-Proofing Your Etsy Store

The Idea of Using Original Mockups

Creating your own mockups is a future-proof strategy. Not only does this make your store unique, but it also ensures that you’re in compliance with any future changes in policy.

The Role of Email Lists in Building Customer Relations

An email list is a direct line to your customers. Use it to update them on new products, sales, and other updates. It can serve as a safety net in case of unexpected issues with your Etsy store.

Example: If you sell seasonal items, an email list can be particularly effective. You can notify past customers of your new summer collection, for example, thereby driving traffic directly to your store.

Embracing Change as a Way to Improve

Change can be scary, but it’s also an opportunity for growth. Adopting a proactive approach can help you turn these challenges into opportunities.

The road ahead may be uncertain, but with careful planning and adaptability, your Etsy business can not only survive but thrive.

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