12 Best Pixel 7 Wireless Charger in 2024

Pixel 7 is one Google’s latest flagship phone. This newest phone from Google brings about new and improved upgrades. Although since Google did not include a charger on a Pixel 7 box, you may need to purchase a charger which is of course sold separately. In today’s post, we have gathered some of the best Pixel 7 wireless chargers available in the market today.

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Google Pixel 7 Wireless Charger

Using a wireless charger will make charging more convenient. It simply works by just placing your Google Pixel 7 to its wireless charging pad or wireless charging stand. You will never have to worry about plugging in using a charging cable. Google Pixel 7 device support wireless charging, therefore we will tackle about wireless chargers.

21RodogtyPL. SL500

Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen)

The Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) is the first on our list of the best wireless chargers for Pixel 7. It is compatible for other Pixel versions such as Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Most wireless charger charges slow as compared to a wired charger, but with Google Pixel Stand 2nd gen, it can juice up your phone and gives the same power and speed as that of a wired charging.

The Google pixel stand 2nd gen, as the name itself presents, is designed as a wireless charging stand. It can also charge other QI certified devices as well.

The Google Pixel Stand 2nd gen uses 23W of power, just enough to juice up your Pixel 7.

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31sWMb5ElWL. SL500

Color Rokk Wireless Charging Pad

Next on our list is the Color Rokk Wireless charging pad. It uses Type C connector and compatible with different smartphones (iPhone, Huawei, Lumis, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy Devices).

Has intelligent Protection technology wherein temperature is controlled as well as preventing surge and short circuit.

Although the standard power is maximum at 15W, the power for each device may vary. For instance, the 7.5 charging mode is applicable to iPhone devices (on latest iOS device); the 10W charging mode is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S series and Note series, while the 15W charging mode is compatible with LG and Google Pixel devices.

Aside from the compatible devices mentioned, the Color Rokk Wireless charging pad is also compatible with not just a cellular phone but it is also compatible with aipods and airpods pro. as well.

The Wireless charger comes in two colors to choose from: Black and White.

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Belkin BoostCharge

Belkin BoostCharge is 15W fast wireless charging pad, the wall charger and the cable are included in the package. It is compatible with devices such as iPhones, Galaxy devices, Google Pixel phones and other QI enabled devices (qi wireless charging).

This wireless charging allows users to still use their phones while charging such as listening to favorite music trackas, video calls and streaming videos.

It is designed with an LED lights making sure of the alignment and also indicates charging status.

It also supports charging the phone even with the casing is ON. This means that there is no need to remove the protective case of your phone, as along as the thickness does not exceed 3mm.

Belkin is offering a 2 year warranty on their products, just make sure to register it online on their website.

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41gT69gPs+L. SL500

iOttie iON wireless DUO

Next, we have the iOttie ion wireless duo wireless charging stand. It is a dual charger that works to charge both the pixel device and pixel buds as well as Pixel buds pro.

The iOttie iON wireless charger features a Qi-certified stand that allows you to fast charge your pixel devices up to 15W. Aside from that, you can charge on that stand either in landscape orientation or portrait.

It also designed with an LED indicator light, a white light appears indicates that the phone is currently charging.

There are two colors available to choose from: Dark Grey and Light Grey

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Native Union Classic Leather Wireless Charger

The Native Union Wireless charging is capable of wirelessly charging Qi enabled devices for (Qi wireless charging) up to 10W, while iPhone device is supported also for fast charging up to 7.5W.

Compatible devices to charge in this wireless charger by Native Union includes iPhone devces, Google Pixel, Samsung, sony xperia, One Plus and other Qi wireless-enabled devices.

The charging pad is made of genuine leather, an Italian Nappa leather. A leather like that will definitely age beutifully in time.

The package contains a charging cable (6-foot) made of genuine leather strap too. Although, a USB wall adapter is not included you may have to seperately purchase it.

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41pmZAj9jbL. SL500

Otterbox Folding Wireless Fast Charging Stand

Otterbox is popularly known for the quality Phone cases, accessories and outgear. This time, otterbox has yet another of quality and reliable accessory and that is the folding wireless fast charging stand.

The charging stand by Otterbox uses USB type C connector. It comes with a USB c cable (2 meters), a powerbank and a wall charger.

The fast charging stand is able to fast charge qi certified devices up to 15 watts.

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iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Charger

Here’s another one from iOttie, the Easy one Touch wireless charger. But this time, the wireless charger can also be used as a car charger. It is specially made for Google Pixel devices for Qi wireless charging mount used for in cars.

It can easily be installed, with its dual installation system with an air vent twist lock and a CD slot connector. Installing the car mount is very simple and easy.

The car mount wireless charger can fit large to extra large smartphones and up to 3.6 inches display.

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31w6nYDj1YL. SL500

Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger

Anker’s wireless chargers allows a maximum of 15W wireless charger. It uses a USB c cable and is compatible with the latest iPhone devices, Google Devices, Samsung Note and Galaxy series and other Qi enabled devices.

The fast charging Pixel stand works with a quick charge 3.0 wall charger. It is not included in the package, should purchase seperately.

The Anker PowerWave Wireless charger allows both the landscape orientation or Portrait so that you can still stream videos, answer video calls and listen to your favorite music tracks while juicing up your device.

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INIU Wireless Charger

The INIU wireless charger uses 15W max fast charging speed with INIU’s newest AirFuel Technology. It basically slashes off at least 45 minutes of the usual charging time.

This wireless charging has 4 charging modes that varies with the device. For instance, 15W fast charge is compatible for LG devices, 10W fast charge for Samsung Galaxy devices; 7.5 fast charge works for iPhone devices and a 5W standard charge for other Qi enabled devices.

The INIU wireless charger prevents your Google pixel 7 and other devices compatible from overheating because it is equipped with the NTC temperature Guard battery protection. Overheating the battery of your phone can cause damage to the device.

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318WB7iimVL. SL500

Anker PowerWave II Wireless Charger

This one right here is another product from Anker, the PowerWave II wireless charger. This is another version from the previously Anker Wireless charger mentioned above.

This charging pad supports Qi certified devices and can charge up to 15W maximum fast charging speed.

A Smart charging device, this means that the wireless charger will automatically switch from the different charging modes: 5W, 7.5W, 10W and 15 W. The cgarging mode will depend on the the power need of the devie this is to make sure that the device will get the correct power it needs to juice up while using wireless charging.

Included are as follows: power cord (5ft), welcome guide, warrany 18 months.

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31wf75fYuEL. SL500

Mophie Dual Universal Wireless Charger

The Mophie Universal Wireless charging pad has a maximum of 10W power output. It is compatible with Qi certified devices. But fast charging is compatible with specific devices such as Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Google Pixel, Wireless earbuds such as Apple Airpods and there is another USB-A port where you can charge your apple watch.

It also supports charging devices with protective casing but the thickness of the casing should not exceed 3mm. Casing between 3mm and lower, there is no need to remove the case from the phone when charging on this wireless charging pad.

With wireless chargers, it would be less of a hassle as compared charging pixel phones using wired charging. The surface is made of anti scratch ultra suede, therefore preventing the device from slipping while charging

Another great feature that this wireless charger has to offer is the overcharge protection system as well as it is able to detect foreign object that way device is protected from overheating and overcharging.

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21M7+7lvgmL. SL500

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

Last, but definitely not the least of our list of the best wireless chargers for Google’s Pixel 7 is this wireless charger duo by Samsung.

The Samsung Wireless Charger duo uses USB C cable and is able to charge multiple devices (at least two phones) simultaneously.

Many would opt to use this charger because aside from you can conveniently charge your devices, the charging pad itself is wireless or cordless. Say goodbye to wired charging and wired wireless chargers.

This super fast charging pad can juice up your device with its 15W max power boost.

It features an LED light indicator and each light color has different meaning:

  • red light: device is charging
  • Flashing red: there is an error with the charging
  • Green: device is fully charged.

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Important things to keep in mind when using wireless chargers for Google Pixel 7

  • Check phone placement: Google pixel 7 and other devices need to be properly aligned to the coils of the wireless charger stand or wireless charging pad. If you happen to notice that the charging speed is slower than usual, try adjusting the phone to make sure it is placed at the center of the pad or stand.
  • Protective cases: There are protective cases for Pixel 7 claimed to be compatible with wireless charging, however, there are also times when popsocket are located or attached to the case. In cases as such, it is either the Pixel 7 will not charge or slow charging will happeng. Make that the protective does not exceed the recommended thickness for your phone to charge to the wireless charging pad or stand without the need to remove the case.
  • Power Adapters: Most of the wireless chargers are compatible with a USB C power adapters, and uses the same PPS chargers similar to that of a wired cable charger. However, there are also other wireless chargers that specifically needs a Qualcomm QuickCharge such as the Moshi Wireless charger that needs a 45 W power.

Final Thoughts

If you want to quickly charge your Google Pixel 7 and other Google’s flaghship phones, you can pick from the list of wireless chargers mentioned in this article. You can conveniently charge your device using a wireless charger, although not the most efficient way. Go ahead and get one of these wireless chargers t charge your Pixel 7 and let us know what you think which wireless charger works best for you.

21RodogtyPL. SL500GoogleGoogle Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) Wireless ChargerCheck Price on Amazon
31wf75fYuEL. SL500Mophiemophie Dual Universal Wireless Charging Pad - 10 Watt, Works with Qi-Certified Devices, Fast ChargeCheck Price on Amazon
INIUCheck Price on Amazon
iOttieiOttie iON Wireless Duo CERTIFIED BY GOOGLE 10W Stand + 5W Pad Qi-Certified ChargerCheck Price on Amazon
Native UnionNative Union Classic Leather Wireless ChargerCheck Price on Amazon

* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

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