Google Mobile drops huge voice features!

The new shot around the world for two days now about a Google press conference, and no other real information. Speculation shot from being related to the Chrome update yesterday to some of the Gingerbread-esque features we saw at IO, and even Gingerbread itself. While the announcement was not nearly as epic as Gingerbread, we

Sprint Makes August an Epic Month

After several rumored dates for the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S, the “Epic 4G”, to be released we finally find out direct from the horses mouth that the true date is in fact August 31, 2010 for $249.99  Beginning Friday Sprint Customers will be able to pre-order the shining star of the Samsung

PlayStation Branded Android Phone? -engadget says so has reportedly been told by a trusted source that Sony Ericsson is introducing a gaming phone of sorts that will carry the coveted “PlayStation” branding. This new device will feature a horizontal slide out control pad in place of a slide out Qwerty keyboard. Its expected to run Android 3.0 with a special section

Bikes go Zipcar Style with help of Android

Reporting from New York City If you’ve become familiar with the great Green invention “The Zip Car” you probably figured it wouldn’t be too long before a similar technology was applied to the bicycle.  Ryan Rzepecki, a former urban planner for the New York Department of Transportation has started just that. Using a combination of

Samsung Live: and that's a wrap

Not a word about anything mobile as I originally reported, not predicted reported here on August 2, 2010 Click Here for the original story

Samsung "Not Android" Event

While it doesnt seem there will b any news regarding the Galaxy Tab today, there are still some really great things coming out of Samsung today. Samsung has maintained JD Power for 6 years in some categories, and their strives into the Android world seems to have taught them a few things about their other

Samsung Live: New 3d Products

Introducing the World’s Largest 3D LED Television at 65 Inches with precision dimming ——————— 3 New 3D Plasma Televisions Samsung unveils the first Portable 3D Blue Ray Player

Samsung Live: John Revie About TVs

By the end of the year 3D will make up to 20% of the Big Screen TV’s By 2012 that number should be 40% Samsung has 80% of the TV Market Share

Samsung Live:

They are continually playing a karaoke instrumental version of “Hey Soul Sister”

Samsung Event: LIVE: TV's Tv's Tv's

#1 Position in DTV, LED, LCD, Home Theater #1 in 50″ and above plasma Product Innovation and Connectivity “We see huge potential in the Smart TV Space” -Tim Baxter