HTC Is Doing a Google Tablet afterall.. just Chrome

Let’s be honest. When most people hear the word tablet they think iPad. To faithful Android users, this is a sad thing. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to see a competing tablet step up and give the iPad a run for its money. Sure, there have been Android tablets before, but none have really

Epic unboxing of the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G a Galaxy S Phone

The most anticipated Samsung Galaxy S Variant, The Sprint Samsung Epic 4G, is ready to take the world by storm at the end of the month at Sprint Stores everywhere.  The Epic 4G’s early reservations filled up in just 5 days proving that Sprint customers and new Sprint customers can’t wait to get their hands

T-Mobile Makes it official

After months of speculation and rumors about what would come of the original Android flagship phone the G1, T-Mobile sadly ended its life with a nice eulogy statement on their press page. As you know it was the G1 that was the first Android phone available anywhere in the world and went on sale in

Sprint's Samsung Epic is well Epic and Booked up!

The Android Community waited with baited breath for Sprint to announce the launch of the Sprint  Samsung Epic 4G, A Galaxy S phone. Sprint announced the Epic 4G would be available in stores beginning on August 31st and pre-orders/reservations started this past weekend, well here we are Tuesday with 13 days to go and the

Waterproof and Rugged thats the Moto Jordan on T-Mobile

Call it a response to the Motorola I1 on Sprint/Boost Mobile, Call it a cool partnership with the coolest basketball star on the planet. Whatever you call it, it looks like the Motorola Jordan is coming to T-Mobile. We first saw this story on Androidspin via Boy Genius Report. The Motorola Jordan is going to

Adobe Strengthens Ties with Google and Android

Yesterday Adobe held a conference at their San Francisco headquarters for Android media to showcase the developments they are having with the Android platform and Google TV.  The “Android Summit” took place yesterday and focused on flash innovations for the Android operating system. One of the big announcements was that Adobe Air would be hitting

Roadmap spies Motorola Android Tablet

Earlier today some information surfaced regarding an Android tablet from Motorola. Our sources at Verizon and Motorola weren’t able to confirm or deny anything, but here’s what we found! “Stingray” – The rumored name of the Motorola Tablet coming to Verizon.  What seems to be certain is this will be a 10” tablet.  My search

The truth about Flash 10.1

The world at large has had mixed feelings about Adobe’s web media giant, Flash. It’s been called a godsend, a broken piece of s$%!, and every single thing in between. For web developers, you either love it, or you find a way around it. It’s been considered a necessary evil, and a blissful sacrifice, but

Un-Unboxing the Verizon Motorola Droid 2

So I’ve been using the Motorola Verizon Droid 2 for about a week now and unfortunately can’t do an unboxing video because I took it out of the box a while ago, why because with the Droid 1, the Droid X and the Droid Incredible in-toe I wanted to see how this beast of a

Verizon to begin rolling out Froyo for Droid Incredible Wednesday?

PC World via Mashable are reporting that owners of the HTC Droid Incredible will begin seeing the froyo (Android 2.2) update as early as Wednesday. Keep in mind Verizon typically rolls their OTA updates out in shifts and over a cycle but if Mashable’s sources are correct then Wednesday is the day that Droid Incredible

Samsung's App Developer Contest!

Samsung’s Consumer Electronics division has been paying attention. Close attention, in fact, to what has been making some of their other departments work so well. What has made Samsung Mobile get so much attention recently? Android. Specifically, their hardware, and the ability to use apps on it. So they decided to throw some apps on

Feature Story: Great Back To School Apps for Android

With 200,000 Android Activations per day there’s no doubt that Android phones are getting into the hands of students everywhere. We’ve asked some of the youngest Android writers, high school students themselves, to compile their list of the 5 best back to school apps.  Philip E, owner of ; Luis M, staff writer at

T-Mobile G2 will be the first HSPA+ phone!

By Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online The rumors regarding the “Vanguard” have been many, and they have been mighty. Songs of dual core, six screens, a spiked tail, and various other fantasy elements have clung to this device like you could only see in fairy tales. Well, speculation can end. The T-Mobile G2 is

It's a Big Month for Android

August is here, and it comes bearing gifts. We’ve heard about these phones for a while now. In the Android community new phone leaks spread like wildfire, and when the release date finally rolls around everyone is excited to get their hands on the new device. So far we have the Droid 2 released yesterday,