The return of Notion's Android tablet!

Let’s face it – the existing Android tablet market is shallow at best. I’m surrounded by handheld “tablets” with no market access, and barely an acceptable screen. Aside from that, their delivery ad sales methods rage from bizarre to non-existent (i know eveyone here was thinking “K-MART??? REALLY?”) and the only thin we have to

Moral ambiguity and Android… where's the line?

By Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online One of the biggest fights in the Internet world is the concept of stealing. From music and pictures, to movies and games there has been people who feel if it’s digital it’s theirs, and the creators and supporters who disagree. It’s a constant fight not just with whether

The Faces of Android

By Matthew Gissentanna Since the release of Android on T-Mobiles G1, one of the greatest aspects of the operating system was the open source. Google released their source to manufacturers to allow them to make the Android OS their own. With each unique interpretation available to consumers, different features and flaws come. I will do

EA Snubs Windows Phone 7

63 Game titles have been made public for the upcoming Windows 7 platform,and  it seems that quite conspicuously absent from the list of Windows 7 publishers/developers is Electronic Arts or EA. EA is known for it’s Sims and Sports franchises including The Sims 3, Tiger Woods Golf and the coveted Madden series, which just recently

Bank of America asks "would you swipe your phone?"

Mobile Banking has been this sort of floating, shapeless thing for awhile now. Some smartphones can do things like take pictures of Checks and deposit them to your account, where others have apps that go right to your account for various activities. Some banks aren’t doing more than just creating a mobile version of their

US Government Looking into Sprint-Nextel partnerhip with Huawei

Washington DC- A group of Republican Senators is concerned and asking the Obama Administration to take notice of the partnership between Sprint-Nextel and Huawei.  Huawei is known in the Android community as a purveyor of smartphones and tablet devices running the Android platform. However The Droid Guy has found out through analyst sources that the

Is The HTC Android World Phone on Verizon the Lexicon?

We broke this story with photos on August 6, 2010 of the HTC Android Verizon World Phone meaning that it supports CDMA and GSM Technology.  When the back of this phone was opened for our source it had a Vodaphone GSM chip in it which indicates that it is a world phone. The reported LTE

Samsung Train Running Full Steam Ahead: Samsung Galaxy U

Perhaps I missed something, was there a Samsung Galaxy T? Oh wait! I know what that is…. It appears that the next Samsung Smartphone worthy of the Galaxy branding is the Samsung Galaxy U.  There is a teaser page set up on Samsungs Corporate website, however all of the writing is in Korean and all

Verizon Wireless Testing $99 Unlimited Everything Package

You may remember not too long ago when AT&T went to tiered data pricing, the media hammered Verizon Wireless’ John Killian about comments made to about the possibility of the nation’s largest carrier going to tiered data pricing. Although tiered data pricing may be on the horizon as Verizon implements its LTE network,

Sprint Samsung Epic 4G vs Verizon Motorola Droid 2 Episode I

Two of the hottest phones this month are definitely the Verizon Motorola Droid 2, which debuted last week and the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G, a Galaxy S Phone, which makes its debut on August 31st.  I’m sure you realized it wouldn’t take long until people started comparing these two devices and seeing how they stack

Dispelling the Dual-Core Myth

Written by Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online This topic is becoming increasingly vague and disingenuous as the rumors spread. The claims that an Android phone will be coming out in the end of 2010, the beginning of 2011, flown in by Santa on his magic dragon for all the little boys and girls of

HTC Is Doing a Google Tablet afterall.. just Chrome

Let’s be honest. When most people hear the word tablet they think iPad. To faithful Android users, this is a sad thing. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to see a competing tablet step up and give the iPad a run for its money. Sure, there have been Android tablets before, but none have really

Epic unboxing of the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G a Galaxy S Phone

The most anticipated Samsung Galaxy S Variant, The Sprint Samsung Epic 4G, is ready to take the world by storm at the end of the month at Sprint Stores everywhere.  The Epic 4G’s early reservations filled up in just 5 days proving that Sprint customers and new Sprint customers can’t wait to get their hands