Sprint Evo 4G Sold out Again

Calls to the nationwide Sprint telesales number reveal a message that the Sprint HTC EVO 4G is currently sold out and to go to www.sprint.com/shop for more information on the phones availability. Typically in the DC Metro area, Best Buy Mobile actually has stock on phones heavily sold out however calls to several Best Buy

Androidguys.com wants to know what's your favorite vacation app

New To Android? Don’t know where to start, well here is definitely a good place and so is The Android Guys, find out the latest information on what’s going on in the Android community. Androidguys.com offers two weekly podcasts, Monday evening and Thursday evening. The Thursday cast is a little less formal and more like

Brookstone Enters The Mobile Space

Do you remember back in the day before the smart phone, before android, before a palm pilot, before The Sharper Image? Do you remember back in the day when Brookstone was the supreme leader in Guy oriented gadgeteering? Fast Forward to 2010 in addition to the coolest back massaging power chairs, Brookstone carries some really

Verizon & Motorola's Droid X Twitter Account is legit

As reported by Androidcommunity, the Droid X twitter account @droidlanding is legitimate and active. They link to a Droid splash page where you can sign up for email updates from Verizon. So far Droidlanding has reported that several Droid X units have escaped and are armed with 1GHz SnapDragon processors. Android Community goes onto say

My Touch 3G Slider Leads the pack on T-Mobile Day!

According to reports on Tmonews.com from “tipsters” T-mobile had it’s best sales day ever this past Saturday while giving away every phone in the store “Free”, some after $100 or $50 mail in rebates. After sneaking a peak at the in-store list it appears that most of the newer smartphones ie: My Touch Slide, HD2,

Toshiba Unveils AC100 MID with some desirbale stats

Continuing their celebration of 25 Years of Laptop Sales, Toshiba announced today the release of the AC100 Mobile Internet Device (Netbook) running Android 2.1 [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ro4MOeW3gRo]Some of the specs include: Android 2.11GHz Nvidia Tega 2 Chip Set1080p capable display at 10.1 inches 1024×600 non touch screen32gb SSD512MB DDR2 Memory802.11 Wifi with optional 3G DataSupports Blue Tooth

5 Misconceptions about the next Iphone

5 Misconceptions about the next Iphone 1) The Name. The Next Iphone is the Iphone 4 and Not the Iphone 4G. Although it is the 4th generation of the Iphone, the folks at Apple want to distinguish this iphone from it’s previous counterparts and also distinguish it from any Iphone in the future that may

T-mobile free is not free is it

Update: The T-Mobile free promotion is not free after all. They have their usual suspects of free feature phones but all the smart phones and #android phones are going to require a $50-$100 mail in rebate. This was confirmed by thedroidguy who figured what the heck ill convert to a family plan and get a

Archos 5.. Close.. Real Close

I’ve been demoing an Archos 5 Internet Tablet for a little over a week now and overall I’m impressed. Archos, known for their media players, stepped into the Internet Tablet arena a short while back. I originally tested an Archos 5 back in March when I actually purchased one from a local Best Buy Mobile

Developing: Verizon Tiered Data Pricing?

PC World is reporting that Verizon may follow in the foot steps of Rival AT&T; Wireless and do tiered data plan pricing. PC World spoke with Verizon CFO John Killian yesterday who (watch this phrasing) “Suggested that Verizon might move from Unlimited Data Plans to Tiered Data Plans, on 4G” What does this really mean?

So What is it that Droid Does? or Android Does

You saw the catchy commercial, if you’re in the mall a lot you’ve seen the ads everywhere in the Mall, Droid Does Apps, When there’s no limit to what Droid gets there is no limit to what droid does. In this multi part series we are going to share with you what it is that

Sprint Employee Released over sales figures

Mobile Crunch, known for their detailed reporting and diving into stories in the mobile community, is reporting that a Sprint Employee was fired for reporting exact sales first day figures of the HTC Evo on the XDA forum (66, 483 units) It’s unclear whether that figure was total sales and included all channels. Best Buy,

T-Mobile’s June Hype

We started seeing reports and leaked internal memos citing an 8am opening for Tmobile stores across the country this coming Saturday June 19th (see this story from tmonews cite https://www.tmonews.com/2010/05/t-mobile-stores-opening-early-june-19th/) Across the net there was speculation what could it be? New network? They are working on it but it coudn’t possibly constitute a nationwide early