Interview with a Dev – BGill55 – Mr. Incognito

Aaron: First off thanks for taking the time to hook up with me, I know it has been hectic trying to get together bgill55: Yeah different times zones and my work and sleep schedule is not like others Aaron: Please introduce yourself and if you don’t mind tell us a little about what you do

EXCLUSIVE: Samsung I-400 to Verizon Bing Bing Bing

Pictured here is the upcoming Samsung I-400 headed to Verizon. The bottom shows the secondary display which can carry the time and call related information. There is not much information available except that it has the secondary display and is running Android 2.1 however what is evident and confirmed is this handset is also using

Over a million downloads for Angry Birds Beta!

Gaming for Android is not great. It’s cool, it’s fun, the titles we have right now amuse me for 5-10 minutes at a time, but comparatively it’s not great. We’ve started to see titles that have already been made popular by other smartphones start to move over to Android, and while I was hesitant at

Validation of the “Facebook phone” rumors?

The smartphone community was set ablaze last week at the news that Facebook was working on their own phone, instead of working to better the apps they deploy across every smartphone platform. The initial rumors were ignored by most here at The Droid Guy, mostly due to the response our own Elijah Ketchum got from

Millennial Media shows big August numbers for Android!

One of the more tired arguments I have heard recently is that Android is not out to target Apple. I hear that Android is here to target RIM, or Windows Mobile, or even Palm. Understand this pretty clearly, Android is scaling to be above everybody, and to hide behind any other statement is a joke.

LiveView™ – Something Exciting from Sony Ericsson!

A 1.3 inch OLED display with Bluetooth connectivity which allows your phone to be mirrored to this miniature display.  At first sight of this interesting device I thought, hmmm…pointless.    Thankfully there was a video included and after watching it I saw the light.  This is quite an innovative product.  Anyone who has ever tried

App Battle: SMS Apps

Welcome back to the battlefield.  This week on the App Battle I will be looking at the top apps forShort Message Service (or SMS, a.k.a. Text messaging) .  When you are constantly on the go in today’s world, it’s important to be able to reach your friends and loved ones at all times, but it’s

Intro to Android – Maps

Welcome back to our ongoing series, Intro to Android. Today’s helpful video is brought to us by Phil Esposito of In our ongoing series, Phil is demonstrating the basic features and tools that make the Maps application a vital part of your day to day phone usage. If you have had problems using this

New Maryland Hands-Free Law Goes Into Effect October 1st.

Maryland SB 321: the Delegate John Arnick Electronic Communications Traffic Safety Act goes into effect on October 1 2010.  This law requires people who are operating motor vehicles in the state of Maryland to use a hands-free device. This is considered a secondary offense, meaning that a driver must be pulled over for a primary

Droid X update crawling with bugs?

It seems that we are finally into the age of Froyo. More than 50% of the current device market is over 2.0, and by now the Droid X users should be waking up from their “OMG we haz FR0Y0” coma, bringing that number even further towards 2.2. The Droid X receiving Froyo has been on

Apps aren’t a deal breaker

A recent study by research firm IGR, of 2,000 smartphone owners found that for 58% of them Apps, whether pre-loaded or in an app store were not an influencer in the decision to buy the phone. Think back to the days before Android when Iphone was new on the scene and their App Store was