Optimize Battery on Pixel 8 Pro: 9 Power-Saving Tips (Efficiency + Guide)

The Google Pixel 8 Pro comes with a 5050 mAh battery, but users have reported varying experiences with its longevity. While some claim satisfactory performance, others find the battery draining faster than expected. This article aims to be your one-stop guide for optimizing the Pixel 8 Pro’s battery life.

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The Basics: Screen and Connectivity Settings

Why It Works

Adjusting screen settings and connectivity options can significantly impact battery life. Lowering brightness and disabling unnecessary connections can reduce power consumption.


  • Adjust Brightness: Navigate to Settings > Display > Brightness and set it to around 40-50%.
  • Turn Off Adaptive Brightness: Go to Settings > Display > Adaptive Brightness and toggle it off.
  • Disable 5G: Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network and select 4G as the preferred network type.

Advanced: Battery Saver and Adaptive Battery

Why It Works

Battery Saver and Adaptive Battery features are designed to limit background activity and notifications, thereby conserving energy.


  • Enable Battery Saver: Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver and toggle it on.
  • Use Adaptive Battery: Navigate to Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery and enable it.

User Experiences from Reddit

Reddit users have shared their struggles and solutions regarding the Pixel 8 Pro’s battery life. One user mentioned, “Turn 5G off and leave it on 4G/lte” as a way to combat battery drain. Another user suggested disabling “mobile data always active” in the development settings. However, this came with the drawback of not being able to receive mobile messages. Read more on Reddit.

Factory Reset: The Last Resort

Why It Works

A factory reset can resolve underlying issues causing battery drain but will erase all data on your device.


  • Backup Data: Make sure to backup important files.
  • Navigate: Go to Settings > System > Reset options.
  • Reset: Select ‘Erase all data (factory reset)’.

Pixel 8 Pro: Is It Worth It?

Given the mixed reviews and the need for manual optimization, consider your usage patterns and needs before purchasing the Pixel 8 Pro. If you’re willing to tweak settings for better battery life, this phone may still be a good fit for you.

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