5 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset for Music

Riding a motorcycle can save a lot of time if you’re headed for work or want to blaze your way through traffic on the weekend. Some people use motorcycles for long trips between states. This can sometimes be a little uncomfortable given that you’re going to be on the road for an extended period without anyone to keep you company. However, there are tools to make your motorcycle journey more pleasurable, and we’re going to talk about a couple of them today.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset for Music

We’re talking about Bluetooth headsets that can be used during your journey. While conventional headphones don’t quite make the fit within helmets, there are headphones with Bluetooth designed specifically for your long journey on the bike. So we’re going to list five of the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets available in the market today.

5 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset for Music

Sena SMH10D-11

Sena is a brand that makes premium audio equipment for motorcycle riders. This particular unit is considered the gold standard in the industry as it provides a massive feature set for its users. First and foremost, this can be used as an intercom between two motorcycles (requires two units) with a range of 900 meters on open terrain. This means your buddy on another motorcycle can communicate with you without requiring a phone or any other device to pair.

Since it features Bluetooth, you can be listening to music from your smartphone, and it will be shared on the intercom with the other rider. This makes for an excellent biking experience, especially on long trips. You can also answer calls directly using this device, saving you the trouble of having to pull out your phone. A comprehensive Bluetooth headset like this makes sense for single or dual riders on a long journey. A single unit of this device is cheaper than two units.


This unit is similar to the one we spoke about above in terms of functionality. You plug the unit to the outer portion of your helmet, with wires going inside the helmet to provide continuous audio playback for music or phone calls. There’s an intercom facility available here as well, allowing you to pair two units to communicate freely. Noise reduction tech ensures the bikers don’t experience any distortion or unnecessary noise in their audio track.

The company mentions that his unit is entirely water/snow proof so that you can use this headset regardless of the weather around you. The product comes with all the tools necessary to keep the device in one piece. Since it is expected to stay towards the side of your helmet, it is important to get this part right. The user manual that is supplied with the product will help the users a great deal with the setup process. The device is also capable of pulling FM radio frequencies, which can be handy when you’re biking across the country.

This nifty product by Yideng is reasonably affordable, making it significantly cheaper than the competition.

FreedConn T-COMVB

This is a popular product in the biking community, and that perhaps explains why it is listed as Amazon’s Choice among motorcycle Bluetooth helmets. It has an attractive design, making it suitable for any helmet. As with the units above, it clamps on to the outside of the helmet, and once it’s there, the fit is pretty snug and won’t fall off unexpectedly.

Features like audio multitasking are present here, allowing you to listen to GPS or music while also answering calls from your phone. The big phone button on the unit gives you easy access to answer or reject calls, making this a treat to use when biking. The idea is to keep users undistracted while on the road to ensure a safe journey. The unit is water and sun-proof so that you can have it on your helmet for prolonged intervals. Adjusting the volume is as easy as rotating the dials on the device, which in my opinion, is an excellent design choice.

What’s even better is that the manufacturer is offering two units here, making it suitable to be worn by a fellow rider or your pillion. The pair of two headsets come at an excellent deal.

Sena 20S-01

It’s hard to keep a Sena device out of this list, given how popular it is with motorcyclists. This comes with stereo speakers and a microphone for intercom functionality. The build quality of this product deserves a special mention as it is one of the most comfortable pair of motorcycle headsets you can own. As far as functionality is concerned, there’s not much to distinguish from the other units we’ve mentioned on this list. You will still get a unit that needs to be placed outside the helmet, accompanied by a wire that plugs into the headset, allowing you to listen to audio even with the helmet on.

This is state-of-the-art audio equipment, so that it won’t come cheap. A single unit of the 20S-01 will be less expensive than the two-unit package.

Mpow Jaws V4.1

A slightly alternative option for our last entry on this list, but the Mpow Jaws can be an excellent addition as a standalone Bluetooth headset devoid of any complicated assembly procedures. You have to pair this with your smartphone, and you’re good to go. However, given the design, it might be inconvenient to use helmets that cover the entire face. These go well with conventional biking helmets, however. But if you’re only looking to enjoy audio while riding, this should be a good fit.

Given that it covers both the ears, it is highly recommended to keep the volume at a minimum so that you’re aware of the surroundings. The headphones can run for 13 hours on a single charge. As a bonus, it is very fairly priced. The Mpow Jaws can be bought in Black or Purple variants. Check it out on Amazon.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset for Music