5 Best MicroSD Memory Card For LG K30

So, you picked yourself up an LG K30, but as with many budget phones on the market, the storage capacity available just isn’t enough. You can try to compensate for that by off-loading files and documents onto free Cloud storage solutions; however, that doesn’t solve the problem for keeping high-res photos on your phone, or even more apps. To do that, you need a microSD memory card, and luckily, the LG K30 is one of the few that support them natively.

At A Glance: MicroSD Memory Card For LG K30

41nDjNZ6keL. SL500SanDiskSanDisk Extreme PLUS 64GBCheck Price on Amazon
41pg41AQlVL. SL500SanDiskSanDisk Extreme PROCheck Price on Amazon
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41QjvQFdEzL. SL500SAMSUNGSAMSUNG PRO PlusCheck Price on Amazon
41f m6Y 3WL. SL500SAMSUNGSAMSUNG 128GB EVO PlusCheck Price on Amazon

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What microSD memory card should you pick up for the LG K30, though? After all, there is a significant amount available, making it difficult to narrow down to just one. That’s why we’re showing you five of our favorite microSD memory card picks. Follow along below, and we’ll help you make the best purchase for you.

SanDisk Extreme PRO V30


The first microSD memory card that we’re looking at is the SanDisk Extreme PRO V30 microSD memory card. This line has a variety of storage options — but this particular one comes in 64GB, but you can search for higher options. This microSD card is 4K ready, so you can use it to film 4K video as well. You shouldn’t have a problem loading applications quickly with this one, as the SanDisk Extreme PRO is fast. Data transfers are pretty impressive, coming in at 90MB per second in write speeds and 100MB per second in read speeds.

SanDisk has included several protections and resistances against water, dust, shock, and more as well.

SanDisk Extreme PLUS U3


SanDisk’s Extreme PLUS is an excellent choice for expanding your storage options. In addition to providing you with your basic storage needs, SanDisk includes a ton of resistances and proofing inside. You can easily use this in adverse conditions without the risk of actually breaking it. There are water and dust protections here — so there are no worries about dropping the card in water and ruining it. This one comes in 64GB of storage, but there are a few sellers that offer it in 128GB as well. As a 4K-ready card, you won’t have trouble using this to film an optimized 4K video.

41QjvQFdEzL. SL500

Samsung Pro Plus

Next on our list, we have the Samsung Pro Plus. The Samsung PRO Plus 128 GB Memory Card is a high-performance storage solution that offers speed, reliability, and ample capacity for your data storage needs.

This is one of the more high-end solutions out there, equipping your LG K30 with a whole 128GB of storage space in this microSD memory card, leaving you plenty of room to film 4K video, store large apps, and more.

Samsung Evo Select


This is one of our favorite lines of microSD cards, offering you top performance speeds at some nice budget-level prices. They’re much easier to swallow than the professional-grade Samsung Pro+ cards. With 128GB of space inside, you’ll have plenty of room to film, store apps, and more. You can get this in a 256GB option for on the cheap, too. The data transfer speeds are pretty good, with it available in 100MB in read and 90MB per second in write.

41f m6Y 3WL. SL500

Samsung Evo PLUS

Last but not the least, we have Samsung’s very own EVO Plus microSD memory card. On a budget but want top storage performance for the LG K30? Then this card by Samsung will be right up your alley. Slide this one in your K30’s microSD slot, and you’ll get an extra 64GB of storage space to use for photos, videos, apps, games, and more.

Since this is a cross between top storage performance and affordability, transfer speeds are a little lower than many of the others on our list. You still get a whole 100MB per second in read speeds, but your write speeds drop significantly to 60MB per second. On the downside, it’s only available in 64GB.


Here we’ve shown you five of our favorite microSD memory cards for LG K30; however, with so many great ones available, which one do you possibly choose? Any one of these at their core function will provide you with the extra storage that you need for your K30; however, if you’re looking for long-term reliability, the Samsung Pro+ is the way to go.

Do you have a favorite microSD memory card or one that you prefer for the LG K30? Let us know what it is in the comments section below!

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