5 Best LED Dimmer Switches in 2020

Lights are an integral part of any home. With lighting being some of the important components in any home, users might be tempted to spice things up a little bit. Smart home systems are only now coming to the fore, while something as basic as a dimmer has been available for quite some time. So let’s say you’re going to get an LED dimmer switch for your home. But which ones do you buy? Well, the answer is not often so simple.

LED Dimmer Switch

However, we’re going to make your life much easier today by picking out five of the best LED dimmer switches available in the market today. There are some smart home and automation friendly dimmer switches as well, which we’re going to talk about in our list. So if you’ve been on the hunt for a decent LED dimmer switch for your home, your search ends here.

5 Best LED Dimmer Switches

Lutron Caseta

Lutron is a well known name in the lighting control industry, offering dimmer switches for quite a few years now. The Lutron Caseta is a smart home compatible dimmer switch, which comes with compatibility for Amazon Alexa, as well as Google Assistant. This means these dimmers can be activated over voice using an Amazon Echo or a Google Home. Naturally, you can also control these switches with your smartphone using an app, which is just as convenient.

Multi room lighting is recommended with Lutron’s products as you get a comprehensive set of controls with their dedicated smartphone app. You can assign lights for almost every part of the house and control it wirelessly without ever having to flick the switch. You can connect the Caseta to up to 50 Lutron devices.

Setting up the Caseta doesn’t take more than 15 minutes and can be done quickly since it doesn’t require a neutral wire for installation. This aspect makes it suitable for older homes as well. The Lutron Caseta dimmer switch starter kit is available on Amazon.

Leviton Decora

This particular unit is a 600W dimmer by Leviton, which can be controlled using the My Leviton app available on the Google Play Store. This particular dimmer switch might be better suited for newer homes as installation requires a neutral wire. So keep that in mind before you make your decision. As far as features are concerned, the Decora doesn’t differ too much from the competition. With one single account on the My Leviton app, the user can control 20 homes, 50 rooms, 99 devices, 50 schedules, and more, making its feature set pretty extensive.

The dimmer switch can handle loads from CFL lights of up to 300W and incandescent bulbs of up to 600W. The company also sells a 1000W dimmer, which might be better suited for larger lighting setups. The Decora is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, making this one of the few smart dimmer switches out there. You can control and dim the lights using just voice commands on either service. You can control the lights from practically anywhere in the world using the app mentioned above for Android. This is the gold standard as far as dimmer switches are concerned, and we highly recommend this product. It is currently available on Amazon.

Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch

If you have ever tried to get a dimmer switch online, you’ve likely heard of the Philips Hue at least once. It is an immensely popular product that has been around for quite some time. It is compatible with practically every smart home system there is in the market, including Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, as well as the Apple HomeKit and IFTTT. It allows you to dim or brighten up to 10 lights of any room at once using the smartphone app. The company even offers a dimming remote for good measure, although the users are likely to rely more on the smartphone app.

You will need the Hue Bridge and other Hue accessories for a completely automated system, although this means you will be shelling out a few more bucks. If a dimmer is what you require, then this is the perfect start for your home. Philips is one of the leaders of smart home equipment right now, and its Hue range of products is incredibly versatile and highly affordable. This smart dimmer switch is available on Amazon, which is significantly cheaper than the other two options we have mentioned on this list.

Maxxima 3-Way Dimmer

This is a conventional dimmer with none of the smart home features on board. This is meant for those who like a traditional dimmer without any of the smart home stuff. It has an on/off switch, along with a dimmer on top. That’s a pretty simple setup and quite easy to get used to. The packaging includes screws and wall mounts, so you’re set as soon as you open the package. Dimming works by sliding the vertical bar.

It can handle a 600W incandescent light or 150W dimmable LED/CFL. This also works with halogen bulbs. A single pack of this particular dimmer will be cheaper than a pack of 2.

Instapark Wireless Dimmer w/ Remote

This is an upgraded version of the company’s previous dimmer. It is entirely wireless, and thanks to the remote, you can conveniently change the mood of the room using the supplied remote. The remote can also be placed on the wall, thanks to the included wall mount. There are a total of four buttons on the remote. One each to turn the lights on and off, while the other two let you brighten or dim the lights. The company mentions that this dimmer switch can be installed quickly, and having technical knowhow is not necessary. It is recommended to use bulbs and CFLs that have been certified to work with dimmers for optimum performance.

The remote can work even if there are doors or other obstructions on its path. This neat wireless remote is available on Amazon.

LED Dimmer Switch