HTC One M9 Troubleshooting

Welcome to our HTC One M9 Troubleshooting page! This webpage has four sections that will cater any of your needs Android-wise. It will contain all troubleshooting guides, solutions and fixes to the problems, errors, glitches that our readers reported.


We’ve been providing free support to Android users for more than 3 years already and have already addressed thousands of issues. You will never know when you will encounter an issue or two with your One M9. I suggest you bookmark this page so you can easily find it whenever you need it. We will be updating this page every week.

You have also have various ways in contacting us; you can send us the specific issues you are experiencing at our Android Questionnaire form, post on our Facebook wall or Google+ page or interact with us via Twitter (#RealTDG).

You should know that we are serious in what we do and that we will spend time reading your emails, researching about your problems, and writing troubleshooting guides and solutions. So, please, do your part and provide us with all necessary details about your issue and your phone.

For instance, you noticed the phone’s performance slowed down, tell us when the issue started and what apps you installed that might have contributed to the problem. The more information you provide, the faster and easier for us to help you.

Also include in your email the model of your phone, the version of Android it’s running, and your carrier or service provider (some problems are carrier-specific).

The following are the main sections in this page.




Battery Charging Tutorials

Turning the Phone ON/OFF

Operating System

Phone Activation





Basic SIM Card Operations

Basic SD Card Operations






In-depth Troubleshooting


Problems / Solutions


We will list down all problems our readers reported plus their respective solutions and fixes. Our HTC One M9 Troubleshooting series will consist of many parts (honestly, we don’t know for sure how many parts we will be publishing in the following months) with, at least, ten problems for every part.

PART 1: HTC One M9 Problems, Errors, Glitches, Solutions & Troubleshooting Guides

  1. HTC One M9 Gets Too Hot, Overheating
  2. HTC One M9 Auto-rotate Feature Not Functioning
  3. HTC One M9 Drains Its Battery So Quick
  4. HTC One M9 Won’t Power On
  5. HTC One M9 Cannot Send/Receive MMS
  6. HTC One M9 Slowed Down After Installing Apps
  7. Removing Pre-installed Apps on HTC One M9
  8. How To Remove Blinkfeed From HTC One M9
  9. How to Turn Off Animation Scales on HTC One M9
  10. Enable Double Tap To Wake Up & Sleep Feature

Tutorials / How Tos


We will start out with basic tutorials, guides and how tos and then we will progress into more complicated ones. There will even be risky tutorials like how to root or flash custom ROMs.

  1. How to manage the Home screen & apps on HTC One M9
  2. How to Open and Manage Apps on HTC One M9 [Tutorials]

PART 1: HTC One M9 Tutorials, Guides, FAQs, How Tos, and Tips

  1. Basic SIM Card Operations
  2. Basic SD Card Operations
  3. Battery Charging Tutorials
  4. Turning the Phone ON/OFF
  5. Navigating the Touchscreen
  6. Using Motion Gestures
  7. Phone Activation
  8. Working with HTC One M9 Setup Screens
  9. Transferring Contents to the HTC One M9
  10. Restoring Backup from Online Storage to HTC One M9


Tips / Tricks


This section will cater more on ways to maximize the use of your phone; things you might think not possible. Again, some are easier to do while others will be riskier than others.


Security / Device Management


We will also guide you through making your phone and its contents more secure as well as show you ways to better manage it.

11 thoughts on “HTC One M9 Troubleshooting”

  1. How to remove invalid data?
    My HTC one me 9 display, error in application
    How can we find the invalid data?

  2. My HTC one m9 is stuck up and not moving an inch and also the battery is draining out at a very fast pace.
    Pls help and intimate the way to start the phone.

  3. My dads phone screen won’t work, scrolls up to unlock and the screen goes black, scrolling down doesn’t work, has a notification that says hidden contents but can’t access, he said that it started downloading things by itself last night at this point he couldn’t access anything so he turned off wifi off and it stopped downloading but still wouldn’t work. No other problems in the past and it’s 2 years old, if he takes it back to the store they will tell him to get a new one, need help, can’t find the same problem anywhere

  4. The peel remote app has muted all sounds notification on the phone ..have disabled the app and reset phone but still is not working help..thank you

  5. Can not turn off m9, attempt to power off only goes to a reboot screen. And any choice made just goes to a picture of a phone with red triangle and red exclamation mark.. please help…Clint

  6. I just bought this phone everything was working fine. then bam not reading my sd card on my phone or computer and other device. but seems to be a common problem. i havent figured anything out how to get it all back either.

  7. My M9 has issues with the micro SD unmounting. It is an expensive class 10 card and is readable in other devices, yet I have lost all photos and data twice. Is there a common issue with this phone or should I just buy another card.

  8. My htc one m9 phone, the battery is draining quite quickly and having to take my charger wherever I go. It won’t let me log on to any accounts or internet. And I can’t receive emails. It also won’t sync or do any updates. Please help…

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