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Is COD Modern Warfare (2019) keep crashing on your PC? You’ve come to the right blog! In this troubleshooting article, we’ll briefly discuss some of the common reasons why this problem occurs and, more importantly, how to fix it. Read on!

What are the reasons why your COD Modern Warfare (2019) is crashing?

There are a number of factors to check if your COD Modern Warfare (2019) is crashing.

Your PC does not meet the minimum requirements.

By far, the one of the most common reasons why some players encounter lag, freezing or crashing issues when playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is their PC’s inability to simply run the game. If you’re running an older rig, make sure that you check the official Activision provided data for the game’s system requirements.

GPU drivers are not up-to-date.

Some gamers may find that they seem to be able to load the game initially but encounter crashing issues later on. In that case, be sure to check if your computer’s audio and video drivers are updated. To do that, just open the Device Manager and ensure that you do the “Update driver” option for both Sound, video and game controllers and Display adapters.

Texture settings are set way too low.

If you put the game’s texture settings to low, it might cause Modern Warfare to crash or show the Dev Error 6178. To fix the problem, try setting Texture Resolution back to Normal (default). Some players also fixed Dev Error 6178 by setting Texture to High. Either way should help.

Game data is corrupted.

If COD Modern Warfare (2019) is crashing in campaign, it’s possible that your saved game is corrupted. Random saved file corruption can occur in games from time to time. If the current game progress keeps crashing, try loading an older saved game.

Other application issues.

Some software in your computer may be interfering with your game. If you recently installed a new application, try deleting that and see if COD Modern Warfare stops crashing

Applications that can manipulate game data like Cheat Engine, or even security software, can cause issues with other software too.

Unknown software glitch.

Windows is a hugely sophisticated software environment and there are millions of possible points of failure whenever it’s running. If there seems to be an unclear reason why your game keeps crashing despite the hardware meeting the minimum requirements, you should consider checking for possible software-related issues.

Hardware limitation or bottleneck.

Gaming performance issues or crashing tend to be caused more by insufficient hardware capability rather than by software glitches. You should consider doing more research how to improve your hardware if none of the solutions in this guide help in fixing your crashing problem.

How to fix COD Modern Warfare (2019) crashing issue on a PC

Below are some of the effective solutions that we’ve compiled to fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare crashing issue.

  1. Install game and Windows updates.

    The easiest way to greatly lessen the chances of encountering problems when gaming is by ensuring that relevant things such as game, drivers, and Operating System are running their latest versions. 
    If you did not set your system to automatically check and download updates, make it a habit to manually check for updates. Ensure that your Modern Warfare game is fully updated before reloading it.
    If the game is up-to-date, don’t forget to also check for any Operating System updates that you may have missed. Just press the Windows button and search for “Check for updates.”

  2. Check for and close running applications.

    Other applications running in the background while you’re playing Modern Warfare can hog resources and cause slow performance or crashing. Pull up Task Manager and check the Processes tab. If your CPU, Memory or GPU are strained or nearing the 100% mark, that can be an indication that your system is running under too much pressure. 
    Try to close any other apps and only leave COD Modern Warfare running to see if there’s any difference.

  3. Install GPU drivers updates.

    Outdated gaming drivers can result to problems too. You should make it a point to keep your graphics card running its latest drivers all the time to avoid problems. Drivers are mini operating systems needed by the hardware so it works properly with your computer’s Windows OS. If drivers are obsolete or glitchy, your GPU may not work properly and thus lead to Modern Warfare crashing issues.
    To check for:
    AMD driver updates
    NVIDIA driver updates

  4. Run Scan and Repair.

    In case the cause of the crashing problem is due to a corrupted game file, a simple yet effective step that you can do is to use the Scan and Repair option in or Blizzard client. Here’s how to run Scan and Repair:
    -Open the or Blizzard client.
    -Select the game you’re trying to repair.
    -In the middle of the screen, usually below the game title, click on drop-down arrow near Options.
    -Click on Scan and Repair.
    -Click on Begin Scan.

  5. Don’t overclock.

    Many gamers love to overclock their rig to achieve better performance but it doesn’t come free. Sometimes, games may not work properly when a computer is overclocked. Some COD Warzone and Modern Warfare gamers noticed this in the past so if your PC is overclocked, try running it in normal mode by stopping it. Run the game when your PC is not overclocked and see if there’s a difference.

  6. Turn off V-Sync.

    V-Sync or Vertical sync is a protocol that helps a computer perform well by making sure that it’s firing off frameratest that matches your monitor’s refresh rate. This technology was developed primarily to combat screen tearing but in some games, like in Modern Warfare, having V-Sync turned on may cause it to crash. Although this is not a universal issue for this game, it’s been reported that simply disabling V-Sync stops crashing issue so it’s worth giving a try.
    If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, you can disable V-Sync using the NVIDIA Control Panel application.

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