Fast Charging on Pixel 8 Pro: Capabilities Explored (Charging + Facts)

The Google Pixel 8 Pro comes with a 5050 mAh Li-Ion battery and supports fast charging. However, the charging speed can vary depending on the charger you use. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the fast charging capabilities of the Pixel 8 Pro, including real user experiences, data samples, and troubleshooting methods.

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Pixel 8 Pro Fast Chargers

21RodogtyPL. SL500GoogleGoogle Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) Wireless ChargerCheck Price on Amazon
11df3TVHkML. SL500GoogleGoogle 30W USB-C - Fast Charging Pixel Phone ChargerCheck Price on Amazon
AnkerAnker Prime 67W USB C Charger, Anker GaN Wall ChargerCheck Price on Amazon

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  • 30W Google Charger: Charges from 0% to 50% in approximately 30 minutes, you can get it on Amazon.
  • Anker GaN 65W Charger: Charges from 0% to 50% in approximately 25 minutes, available on Amazon.
  • Wireless Charging with Pixel Stand 2: Charges from 0% to 30% in approximately 30 minutes. Get it on Amazon.

User Experiences from Reddit

Real user experiences can offer valuable insights into the device’s fast charging capabilities. Here are some comments from Reddit users:

  1. Charger Recommendations: One user on Reddit mentioned that they have tried multiple chargers and found that chargers other than Google’s 30W, like the Ugreen 30W and Anker GaN 65W, offer better speeds. Source
  2. Wireless Charging: Another user pointed out that the Pixel 8 Pro supports up to 12 watts of wireless charging with the Pixel Stand. However, this is not as fast as wired charging. Source
  3. Wired Charging: A user who compared the Pixel 8 Pro with its predecessor noted that this year’s phone actually supports 30W wired charging, unlike the Pixel 7 series, which never exceeded 23W. Source

Troubleshooting Slow Charging

Method 1: Check Charger and Cable

Summary: Sometimes the issue could be with the charger or the cable. Using a different charger can sometimes result in faster charging.

  • Step 1: Unplug the current charger.
  • Step 2: Plug in a different charger, preferably one with higher wattage.
  • Step 3: Monitor the charging speed.

Method 2: Software Update

Summary: Keeping your device updated can improve charging speed as software updates often come with performance improvements.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update.
  • Step 2: Check for updates and install if available.

Pixel 8 Pro Fast Charging

Understanding the fast charging capabilities of the Google Pixel 8 Pro can significantly improve your device’s utility and longevity. From choosing the right charger to troubleshooting, these tips should cover all you need to know.

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