How To Contact Roblox Support Via Email, Phone or Online in 2024

Roblox is considered one of the biggest gaming platforms in the world right now. The application which has increased its popularity during the pandemic offers millions of games to choose from and allows users to create and design their own game as well. Similar to other famous platforms such as Discord or Steam, the app is also not immune to problems. With this in mind, they have provided options for users on how to contact Roblox Support if they have some concerns or need assistance with their respective accounts. Learn more about these methods on this page for you to be guided.

Common causes why Roblox users contact Customer Support

There are a lot of factors why users tend to reach out to Roblox Customer Support and here are some of the common reasons:

  • Experiencing an issue while playing a certain game with no solutions available on the web.
  • Want to report a bug encountered.
  • A hacked account.
  • Unable to login to their Roblox account.
  • Robux purchases were not found on the account.
  • Unable to install Roblox app.
  • Report or ban users that act inappropriately in the gaming platform.
  • Billing information and disputes on their account.
  • Gift card or toy code concerns.
  • Refund requests.

How to contact Roblox Support

There are three different methods to contact Roblox Support directly. Users have the option to send an email, fill out the Roblox online form or call their Customer Support hotline.

Method 1: How To use the Roblox Customer Support online form

For any concerns and queries for the account, users can fill out the online form available on their website. This is the primary method recommended by Roblox for players to be used. The form requires you to input your contact information and the detailed description of the issue you are asking them about. Take note that for Roblox account holders below 13 years old, they need to enter the email address of their parents in the form. The Support team will then respond via email for the queries sent.

Method 2: How to send email to Roblox Support 

Similar to other gaming platforms, Roblox Support has a designated email address ([email protected]) where you can send your questions and other concerns regarding your account. 

Method 3: How to call Roblox Support toll free number

Aside from the two methods mentioned above, players can also dial the Roblox phone number 1-888-858-2569 in order to speak to a live customer support representative. This method is convenient especially if you need further assistance with your bills in Roblox or you have complicated concerns that are easier to connect with a live representative than sending an email or using the form. The customer support contact number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A voice message will provide the instructions and options on what number to press next for your specific concern. 

Send questions to their social media accounts

For general questions or concerns that don’t require a specific account information, you can also send it to Roblox social media accounts:

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    please can i get your UK number so i can call

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