How To Connect Your PlayStation Network Account To Discord

Do you want to know how to link your PlayStation network account on your discord? If you want to let your Discord friends know what games you’re playing on your PlayStation console, you might want to link your PlayStation Network account to your Discord account. You can also add your PlayStation ID to your Discord account so that other Discord users can add you.

The PlayStation Network, or PSN, is an online service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment that has been available on PlayStation platforms since 2006. A PlayStation Network account is required to purchase and download digital media. PlayStation Plus is a PlayStation Network premium system that provides users with discounts on various media.

On the PlayStation Network, you can access a wide range of media. PSN offers PS classic games, PS3/PSP/PSV games, shows, movies, wallpapers, and themes. In general, all media has a fixed price. If the media price is less than $5, a $5 minimum charge must be paid.

PSN was initially developed as a service for PlayStation game consoles, but it swiftly grew to support mobile devices including smartphones and tablets, Blu-ray players, and high-definition televisions. Using this service, you can store games and other items on the PlayStation.

Connect your PlayStation network account to discord

How To Connect Your PlayStation Network Account To Discord 2

The steps to link your PlayStation account to discord account are straightforward and easy. Once you have link your PlayStation account to your Discord app you can share your PSN account to your Discord profile, show the PS games you are playing and how long have you been playing the game.

In this article we will be showing you the easy steps to link your PSN account to disccord.

Link your PSN account to Discord

This feature is gradually rolling to Discord users. When PSN linking is available, the Discord app will let you know (on iOS and Android devices, please ensure your Discord is updated to the latest version). Open Discord for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, or the web, go to User Settings > Connections to see if the feature is available; if the PS logo appears in the Discord integration options, you can connect your accounts. Only the Discord on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, or the web can be used to set up account linking. Using your console, you cannot connect PSN and Discord.

linking your PSN to Discord

Step 1: Open the Discord on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android or the web.

Step 2: Go to User Settings > Connections > Add, and select the PlayStation icon or logo.

Step 3: Sign in with your PSN account ID and password, and confirm that you want to connect your accounts.

Step 4: Once connected, from Discord you can choose to toggle display of your online ID on your Discord profile, and to toggle displaying PSN online ID as your status.

If you do not want your PlayStation network accounts to link on your Discord, you can unlink it.

Unlink PS network accounts on Discord

Step 1: Go to Account Management.

Step 2: Go to Other Settings > Account Linking.

Step 3: Select Discord to unlink your accounts.

Appear offline on PlayStation network accounts

When a player is online, you can find out whether they are available. By looking at the icon on the player’s profile or your friend list, you may determine whether a person is online. A change in your status on one device updates your status for other connected devices, including PS4 or PS5 consoles. Your PSN online status doesn’t display in Discord if you opt to make yourself appear offline on PSN. Discord will also use your hidden game settings.

Appear offline ps5

Step 1: Press the settings button and choose Appear Offline from the select user screen.

Step 2: Select your profile from the home screen, then click Online Status > Appear Offline.

Step 3: To access the control center, press the PS button on your controller, choose your profile, and then click Status > Appear Offline.

Appear offline PS4

You can do any of the following to appear offline:

  • Go to Profile > Set Online Status > Appear Offline from the home screen.
  • To open the Quick Menu, press the PS button, then choose Status > Appear Offline.

Appear offline using PSN App

  • Go to Settings and scroll down to Console Management > Status > Appear Offline.

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