Changing Starfield FOV in .ini file confirmed to Work

Starfield, the new space RPG from Bethesda, has received a lot of hype and anticipation from fans. However, some PC players were disappointed to find that the game did not include changing Starfield FOV. FOV determines how much peripheral vision is shown on screen – a lower FOV produces a zoomed-in look, while a higher FOV shows more of the surroundings. For many PC gamers, having a customizable FOV is important for both preference and reducing motion sickness.

Luckily, one user on Reddit made a post about changing Starfield FOV by editing the game’s .ini configuration file. They confirmed that by adding a few simple lines to the StarfieldCustom.ini file, players can manually set the FOV to their liking. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Not having a FOV slider can be frustrating for PC players who are used to having control over their field of vision in games. Console players generally accept locked FOVs since they sit further away from the screen, but PC gamers are often sitting just 1-2 feet away, which means a narrow FOV can feel restrictive.

While Bethesda’s reasoning for not including a FOV slider option is unclear, some speculate performance concerns or trying to avoid gameplay issues. Thankfully, just like with previous Bethesda games, a Redditor have discovered a workaround by editing the configuration file directly.

Instructions to Changing Starfield FOV in .ini file

  1. Close Starfield completely if it is running.
Changing Starfield FOV on .ini file confirmed to Work 1

2. Open File Explorer and navigate to Documents/My Games/Starfield.

Changing Starfield FOV on .ini file confirmed to Work 2 jpeg

3. Create a new text file and name it “StarfieldCustom.ini”

Changing Starfield FOV on .ini file confirmed to Work 3 jpeg

4. Open the StarfieldCustom.ini file with Notepad or a text editor.

Changing Starfield FOV on .ini file confirmed to Work 4 jpeg

5 . Add the following lines:

Changing Starfield FOV on .ini file confirmed to Work 5 jpeg

6. Change 100.0000 to your desired FOV value. Between 90-100.

Changing Starfield FOV on .ini file confirmed to Work 6 jpeg

7. Save the file and make sure it is saved as .ini, not .txt

Changing Starfield FOV on .ini file confirmed to Work 7 jpeg

8. Launch Starfield, the new FOV should now be enabled!

Changing Starfield FOV on .ini file confirmed to Work 8

And that’s it! By creating a custom .ini file, you can circumvent the locked FOV in Starfield and choose your own preferred field of vision. Many players in a Reddit thread confirmed that it works perfectly.

Why FOV is Important for PC Gamers

For those wondering why FOV is such a big deal, there are a few reasons why PC players advocate for proper FOV sliders in games:

  • Preference: FOV is largely personal preference, and everyone has a different field of view they find comfortable. Having a slider provides more options.
  • Motion Sickness: Low FOVs can induce nausea and headaches for those sensitive to motion sickness. A wider FOV is necessary to avoid discomfort.
  • Competitive Advantage: Higher FOVs allow seeing more around you in multiplayer games, providing an edge in spotting enemies.
  • Ultrawide Support: Fixed FOVs feel too restrictive on super ultrawide monitors. A FOV slider is needed to properly scale.

So in summary, FOV sliders allow PC gamers to tailor the game view to their setup, preferences, and physical needs. Locked FOVs simply don’t cut it for many players these days.

My Experience Changing FOV in Starfield

As someone who prefers to play at 100 FOV or higher, I was disappointed that Starfield didn’t have a slider option immediately available. I tend to feel constrained and even nauseated at lower FOVs.

Changing the .ini file was thankfully easy enough. After creating the StarfieldCustom file and setting fFPWorldFOV=100, the difference was dramatic once I loaded my game. Exploring planets and stations felt far less claustrophobic, with a wider peripheral view that was much more comfortable.

Ship combat and flight also benefited from the expanded field of vision. Overall, it’s hard to imagine enjoying Starfield as much without the ability to change FOV – the default 75 felt much too narrow. While I hope Bethesda adds a proper FOV slider soon, this .ini tweak does the job wonderfully in the meantime.

Community Discussion on Lack of FOV Slider

The Reddit post confirming the .ini tweak to change FOV currently has over 3000 upvotes, showing this is a highly requested setting among players. The top comments express a mix of gratitude along with frustration that such a basic PC feature wasn’t included out of the box. A sampling of community reactions:

  • “Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a room. A rubber room. A rubber room with rats. The rats made me crazy.” (u/Snowbrawler)
  • “AAA game with no FOV slider is crazy” (u/skintheory)
  • “Mods I beg you. Please Pin This!!” (u/HamstersAreReal)
  • “So it could have EASILY been an option in the game menu. Got it.” (u/Beastw1ck)

Many players pointed out that FOV sliders have been a common PC setting for years now, and questioned why a 2023 AAA game would omit such a basic feature at launch. However, fans remain optimistic that official modding and patching support will improve Starfield in due time.

Final Thoughts

Being able to change FOV by editing the .ini file is a godsend for enjoying Starfield on PC right now. The difference in feel and immersion is dramatic. While I hope Bethesda adds a proper FOV slider soon, this shows that the modding community will continue improving the game experience regardless. Starfield has enormous potential, and this is just the first of what will likely be many player-driven tweaks and enhancements. Despite its flaws, I’m extremely excited to dive deeper into this massive new universe knowing I can now customize it to my preferred playstyle.

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