How To Change Cover Screen Clock Style On Galaxy Z Flip 4

You can change the clock style on the cover screen of your Galaxy Z Flip 4 to fit or reflect your own style and personality. Samsung made sure that you have several options to choose from.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

The Cover screen is the little screen at the back of your phone which displays the clock and other widgets if your Galaxy Z Flip 4 is folded. 

You can display relevant information there so that you don’t have to open the device to view them. 

Here’s how you change the Clock style: 

  1. Pull up the App Drawer and tap Settings.

    This will pull up the Settings app that allows you to change some features of your phone. 

  2. Scroll down a bit and tap the Cover screen option.

    It is below the Lock screen and it allows you to customize the Cover screen. 

  3. Tap Clock style.

    It’s the first on the list and it allows you to choose the styles you want. 

  4. Tap any of the styles you want to use under the Basic section.

    You may then tap Done to change the style on the Cover screen immediately. 

  5. You may also choose one of the styles in the Graphical section.

    Each has a basic animation, which can add more life to your device even if it’s folded. You may then tap Done to save the changes. 

  6. If you chose one of the Styles in the Basic section, you can also change the font color by tapping Customize.

    You will be brought to the screen where you can set the color you want. 

  7. On the other hand, if you choose one in Graphical, you will be able to customize the animation.

    Depending on the style, you might have an option to shuffle the subjects and animations. 

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  • Galaxy Z Flip 4

Every time you make some changes, make sure to tap Done at the bottom of the screen to save them. 

And that’s how you change the Clock style on the Cover screen of your Galaxy Z Flip 4. 

We hope this tutorial can help. 

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