5 Best Car Bluetooth FM Transmitters

Most new cars come with all the features you can ask for, including Bluetooth connectivity. However, older vehicles are understandably left out of the show. This, however, can be easily rectified with the help of a Bluetooth compatible FM transmitter for your car. This allows you to wirelessly play music from your smartphone onto your car stereo without requiring expensive hardware modifications. As a bonus, you also get to make and receive phone calls directly with the press of a button.

Car Bluetooth FM Transmitters

What makes these devices even more attractive is that they can go into any normal car charging socket, which most cars have anyway. So it’s a plug-and-play device that’s ready to go when you are.

These devices are available in abundance over at Amazon, but picking the best one among the lot is quite tricky. Keeping this in mind, we’re going to have a look at five of the best Bluetooth FM transmitters for your car.

5 Best Car Bluetooth FM Transmitters


This is a multi-functional device suited for any vehicle that doesn’t have Bluetooth compatibility by default. Since it goes into your car charger port, it also comes with two full USB ports to charge your Android or iOS device conveniently. In addition to this, you can also stream content from your phone onto the default music system using FM frequencies. There’s a small digital display on the device to tell you about the frequency where you can find it and offer additional information on your phone.

There are a skip and rewind button, accompanied by a big phone symbol to answer or reject phone calls without having to lift your phone. There’s a built-in microphone within the transmitter, so your phone can be in the backseat, and your voice will still be audible on the phone. A product like this is designed to offer users the same convenience and benefits that they would otherwise find on expensive cars. This device by LIHAN won’t cost you much and is currently listed on Amazon.

SCOSCHE BTFM Handsfree Car Kit

This futuristic-looking device works just as the unit we spoke about above, but with some other bells and whistles on top. It comes with a unique design, which can fool anyone at first glance. But just like other Bluetooth FM transmitters, this one too goes into your car charging port. Unfortunately, there’s only one full-sized USB port on the device, allowing you to charge only one device at a time.

The company makes its FM transmitters in a range of designs and form factors, so you have plenty to pick from. This particular unit has a square control panel that comes with a bunch of buttons, including pause/play, rewind/skip, and a dedicated button to answer or reject your phone calls. The display is bright and shows you its frequency so you can tune it using your car’s music system. Given that this is a slightly comprehensive setup, you’ll end up spending more for this unit.

Aphaca Bluetooth Wireless Car Kit

This one is relatively smaller than the rest we’ve spoken about but still manages to pack in two full-sized USB ports for charging and music, respectively. Additionally, this device can help you locate your car with the help of an app called “Fast Find Car” that can be downloaded on the Play Store. It also comes with a built-in microphone to engage in long conversations without having to pull out your phone. It provides all the information on the frequency right on the front, so it’s going to be hard to miss.

If connecting your phone isn’t mainly your thing, you can insert a standard microSD card (up to 32GB) by lifting the ring slightly. This makes the Aphaca Bluetooth Wireless Car Kit a truly comprehensive setup recommended for every car out there. It’s simple, elegant, and very functional, which is pretty much everything you need from a Bluetooth FM transmitter. This unit can be bought on Amazon.

SoundBot SB360FM

This is a slightly different transmitter that differs from the rest of the devices on this list in terms of functionality. This is perhaps the only transmitter that only requires a full USB connection, and no other peripherals to support it. The USB cable is pretty lengthy, which is why the company also offers a magnetic clip that can be worn on your clothes for improved quality during voice calls. It can be placed anywhere on your car dashboard using magnetic mounting, which keeps it in place even when the roads are bumpy.

There are some controls on the device as well, making it easier to navigate its features. The display is big enough for all the content to be read by the driver. The design is pretty minimalistic, but that works significantly in the SoundBot’s favor here. The transmitter comes with 10 preset FM radio channels, allowing you to pick the frequency to match with the car stereo. The company is offering this particular transmitter in two colors.

LDesign Bluetooth FM Transmitter

If you’re a fan of aesthetics and design, this product will match your liking. Well, it comes with a decent design, that can be complicated in tight spaces around your car, so make sure you have ample space near your car charger before you get this unit. It comes with a microSD card slot as well as a full-blown USB port for charging or music playback. This is handy if you don’t want to drain your phone’s battery.

The central button on the device can be used to start/stop music, answer/reject calls, and power off Bluetooth functionality on the transmitter. The display can show you the number of the caller, if applicable. A couple of taps will also let you redial the last number, saving you the trouble of taking out your phone. This handy FM transmitter is available in Black, Grey, and Gold variants. You can currently get this on Amazon.

Car Bluetooth FM Transmitters