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Canva Plugin Review on ChatGPT: Nothing More than a Canva Template Search

ChatGPT recently introduced a new plugin that integrates with Canva, allowing users to generate design templates through conversational prompts. At first glance, this integration seems like an incredibly useful time-saving tool. However, upon closer inspection, the Canva plugin for ChatGPT appears to be nothing more than a basic template search tool.

The process seems simple enough – just enable plugins in ChatGPT, install the Canva plugin, and start prompting ChatGPT such as “create a social media logo” or “generate an infographic for this stat” using Canva.

Does the ChatGPT Canva plugin actually design custom graphics?

canva chatgpt plugin infographic jpg
example of generic infographic template shown using Canva plugin

Once you enter the prompt with Canva plugin turned on, ChatGPT will then generate a list of pre-made Canva templates that loosely match your prompt. You can preview the templates and click a link to open and edit the design in Canva.

On the surface, this appears like ChatGPT is intelligently creating custom graphics for you. But in reality, it’s simply searching Canva’s existing library of templates and making recommendations.

Is the ChatGPT Canva plugin better than searching Canva yourself?

This functionality provides little benefit over manually browsing Canva yourself. As one commenter pointed out:

“Why wouldn’t I just go to Canva and use their search with my own keywords to get 10x the templates? Unnecessary middleman.”

Another user echoed similar concerns:

“It’s just a way to search existing Canva templates. Can be helpful if you create content for a variety of industries, but if you work solely on, say, real estate marketing content, you’re usually better off just customizing the templates in Canva.”

What are the limitations of the ChatGPT Canva plugin?

The Canva plugin for ChatGPT lacks any real AI or generative abilities. It cannot customize templates or insert your brand elements into designs. It merely fetches templates according to keywords.

This is still helpful for discovering Canva templates related to your prompt. But it does not live up to the expectations set by ChatGPT’s conversational nature. Realistically, this integration works more like a basic search bar rather than an AI assistant.

Does the ChatGPT Canva plugin have practical use cases right now?

Unless the Canva plugin receives major upgrades enabling true graphic generation based on prompts, it provides limited value compared to browsing Canva directly. The hype surrounding this new feature far outweighs its rather simplistic functionality.

For now, the ChatGPT Canva integration serves more as a proof of concept rather than a practical day-to-day tool. It hints at the potential for AI to enhance graphic design and content creation in the future. But in its current form, this plugin leaves much to be desired.

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