Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Players Unhappy With Season 2 Updates

disappointing cod modern warfare season 2

Activision’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been a huge success. It has made a lot of money for the company since its release last year. Recently, the game got a new season update. But not all players are happy with it.

PC players are especially unhappy. They are experiencing stuttering and other major errors. One player said that the game is “garbage” compared to the upcoming Battlefield 2042 Season 4.

The update has brought tons of changes to the game. It includes new maps, weapons, and game modes. It also has a new Battle Pass system with over 100 rewards. The Battle Pass costs 1000 COD Points, which is about $10.

Players have also noticed a decrease in frame rate. This is especially true for those running the game on lower-end PCs. Some players have also reported that the game crashes frequently.

The update has been met with mixed reactions. Some players are enjoying the new content, while others are disappointed with the performance issues. Activision is yet to address the issues.

Criticism of the Game

Players have expressed disappointment with the lack of content, noting that it’s not as good as previous COD offerings. Now, PC players are also having issues with the game.

One player shared their experience on Reddit, noting that their experience on the PC has been “pathetic.” Other players agreed, with one person writing that “BF2042 looks a thousand times better and runs like a dream. Cod is f*cking garbage.”

The game has been available across the globe since last year, but players are still not satisfied. Many have noted that the game is lacking content, and is not as good as previous COD offerings. PC players have also been having issues with the game, with increased stuttering and other major errors.

The game has been a profit-making machine for Activision, but players are still not happy. Prices for the game vary, but many have noted that it’s not worth the money. The devs have rolled out a new season for the game, but it has not been enough to satisfy players.

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