Top 5 best offline games for Android devices | games to enjoy without internet

Are you looking for the best offline games for Android devices? Look no further. In this short post, we bring you the games that you can download and enjoy even when you’re off the grid. We’ve compiled 5 games that you can play even when internet is non-existent (just make sure you download them first).

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Top 5 best offline games for Android devices

Here are the lineup of best offline games for Android devices we’ve prepared for you.

Best offline games for Android devices #1: Really Bad Chess

Really Bad Chess is an interesting chess game with a twist. The game may look the familiar ordinary chess game but it’s really not. The concept of the game revolves around the fact that each side gets randomized pieces at the start of the game. Your goal is to win the game with whatever pieces you have. If you’re into chess, this is a must game for you.

You can download Really Bad Chess from this link.

Best offline games for Android devices #2: Tank Hero Laser Wars

Tank Hero Laser Wars is another a great way to unwind if you’re into this type of games. Basically, the game is about you driving a green tank. Your goal is to destroy other, evil tanks in the game by shooting them with lasers or bullets. This game has amazing visuals for its genre and truly entertaining.

There are different levels that you have to go through. Each of the levels offers different scenery so you won’t get bored staring at the same setup everytime. The walls can’t be destroyed so you can use them to bounce your bullets and kill your enemies with well-placed shots. Learn more about this game by downloading it. Better not get hooked.

You can download Tank Hero Laser Wars from this link.

Best offline games for Android devices #3: Traffic Rider

If you want first person driving games, Traffic Rider can be an excellent choice. It’s a fast paced racing game with a set of objectives in each race. As the game progresses, you can earn gold and in-game currency that you can use to buy or upgrade your motorbikes.

You can download Traffic Rider from this link.

Best offline games for Android devices #4: Shadow Fight 2

If you’re into fighting games, we recommend that you try Shadow Fight 2. It’s an addicting Android game that comes with great visuals and sounds. The game’s uniqueness is due to its style showing only silhouettes of each fighters. If you’ve played Limbo before, you should already have an idea about this game.

The story sounds crazy but the game is centered on the concept of you fighting off demons that were unleashed when your character became a shadow.

You can download Shadow Fight 2 from this link.

Best offline games for Android devices #5: Crossy Road

This one looks like a scene taken from Minecraft but it’s really unique as well in its own way. The goal of the game is obviously suicidal — helping a chicken cross a busy highway.  If you are okay with watching a chicken gets murdered on a freeway, without the gore of course, this fun game should be in your Android device.

You can download Crossy Road from this link.


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