5 Best Free TV Show Apps For Android in 2024

Media today has grown exponentially. Thanks to streaming sites, you can now watch movies or TV shows from your smartphone or tablet using the best free TV show app for android. However, most of these streaming services require a paid subscription. While the quality of content is justified for the price you pay, sometimes, it’s not possible to get a paid subscription. In situations like those, it makes sense to have a backup option in the form of free TV show apps that are available in abundance out there.

But given the amount of apps that are out there, new customers might be spoilt for choice in many situations. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of five top free tv show apps for android smartphone or tablet. So let’s have a look.

Best Free TV Show Apps For Android

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1) YouTube

It’s hard to leave out YouTube from this list thanks to the ton of original programming and movies it offers on a regular basis. As far as the original content is concerned, we’re talking about creators who make a ton of videos to keep their user base entertained. While you might have a broader spread of original content with a YouTube Red subscription, the standard YouTube app works just fine as well.

YouTube is also the unofficial home of how-to videos, so if you’re ever stuck in a situation that you don’t know how to get out of, YouTube is probably going to help you. Think of it as the Google of videos (which it very much is). The best free TV show app for android comes preinstalled on every Android device, so you simply have to open the app on your phone to start using it. Signing in can let you create watchlists and download some content for offline playback. As is expected, YouTube comes with ads on board. You can make this disappear with YouTube Red, though.

Download it now: here

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2) Tubi TV

This is a truly free TV show and movies streaming site that everyone must have on their device. It comes with a slick user interface and new content is added every week. So what’s the catch? Well, there is none. Tubi TV supports its model in the form of ads, which the company promises is less than cable, so you’re not hindering your experience in any way.

Unlike a few free streaming apps, this one doesn’t consist of indie movies only. You will find several Hollywood blockbusters here including titles like the Terminator, Pink Panther, Crash, and more. The app lets you bookmark titles for later viewing, which is a handy feature to have. You can also have your titles synced automatically across a range of your favorite devices. One feature I particularly like on Tubi TV is the fact that you can searched based on the artist’s name to find all the available movies that they’ve acted in.

The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 and higher.

Download it now: here

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3) Crackle

We recently spoke about Crackle in an article about free TV and movie streaming sites out there. So it’s no surprise that the app version makes it to this list. This Sony-owned entity offers a wide range of content for its users ranging from documentaries to full blown feature-length cinema. Much like Tubi TV, Crackle is ad-supported and you will find multiple ads between a normal length movie. But that’s a small inconvenience given that you’re getting the a vast library of movies to watch without paying a dime.

Creating an account on Crackle isn’t mandatory, but recommended given that it allows you to sync the movies you’ve seen, allowing you to pick up where you left off. You can even add movies and shows to your watchlist. While some users complain about the ads, the amount of ads you see here is still significantly less compared to what you would find on TV. So it’s a win-win situation. It is imperative, however, that you stream content on an unlimited connection to avoid carrier overages or other billing issues.

The free tv show apps for android has been installed over 10 million times on the Play Store already, speaking volumes about its popularity in the marketplace.

Download it now: here

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4) ABC

ABC has a ton of original programming that you cannot find elsewhere. Of course, there’s also some syndicated content available on their network. You can now watch all of these shows and more on their dedicated app. In addition to these features, you can also stream live television (ABC) directly from your smartphone. This includes the Oscars broadcast every year, so this is one app that every movie buff needs to have. You will find the latest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, General Hospital, Station, 19, The Bachelorette, black-ish and plenty of other shows using only this app.

Some of the content could be limited to the United States, so keep this in mind if you’re traveling abroad. If you ever encounter an error while streaming, the customer support team on Play Store will be quick to help you. We cannot recommend this highly enough considering the features the best free TV show app for android is packing.

Download it now: here

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5) Amazon Prime Video

One of the most popular streaming sites out there, along with Netflix and Hulu, Prime Video subscription tiers are somewhat confusing. To make it easier to understand, if you bought an Amazon Prime subscription for expedited shipping and other benefits, you will be pleased to know that a Prime Video subscription comes included with that. We don’t fault you if you didn’t know this, although Amazon makes its best attempt to not make this part ambiguous.

If you do have a Prime subscription, all you have to do is login on Prime Video using your Amazon credentials and you’re good to go. You will get access to a ton of original programming plus a steady stream of new and old Hollywood flicks. Some popular TV shows can also be found on the platform. Prime Video is free to download, although there are ads and in-app purchases (for new users). The Prime Video app is compatible with Android 4.1 and above.

Download it now: here

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