7 Best Dating Apps For Teens In 2020

Connecting with people and dating have been going on for centuries, although in several forms, and teen dating apps have made it so much easier for them youngsters. The modern man and woman have so many other ways to find and communicate with each other that it’s hard to keep track. Online dating services started off a long time ago, and was an instant hit given that it could connect people from around the world with each other. But what if you want to find out if there are any suitable people around you and in your city?

Well, that’s where apps like Tinder come into the equation. If you have ever been into dating apps, the chances are that you have used Tinder at least once. The app is one of the most popular among dating apps and has helped a lot of people connect. But what if Tinder just doesn’t work for you?

Well, thanks to the vast amount of developers out there, we now have a variety of dating apps designed for everyone – from teens to adults. We’re going to look at some of these apps today in the hope that you find what works for you best.

Best Dating Apps For Teens

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This app is still in Beta, although it works very well for local discovery. You simply have to find the people near you and even look at the global feed to get a good idea of what’s going on in the world. You can even see who is broadcasting live (if they have the setting turned on), and create a live broadcast of your own. The app basically works on the concept of in-app currency, which will have to be used to unlock certain features.

This means that there’s only a limited amount of currency, with more costing real money through in-app purchases. This is the business model of most dating and match apps, so we’re not really surprised.

Some customers complain that there are a lot of spam users out there. This is bound to be the case with any app, and it’s only a matter of finding the app with the least amount of spammers. The discovery feature works pretty great, although we would like it if the developers took heed of some reviews left by users. The app is free to download, and comes with ads. You can remove ads and unlock some additional features with an in-app purchase.

Download it now: here

teen dating apps

2) CMB Free Dating App

CMB is short for “Coffee Meets Bagels”, and is a very exciting dating app with a handful of nifty features to make it stand out in the midst of heavy competition. The app is designed for people who don’t just want flings but a real thing to happen to them. This app helps you get to know the person better and report or unmatch them if you find them to be spamming you or promoting abuse or simply if you don’t like them.

You will find people based on your location, and every afternoon the app will find potential matches for you or bagels as they’re known within the app. The strength of your profile will depend on the kind of matches you get as it uses an algorithm to match people based on tastes and likes/dislikes.

If you think that the app is slow paced, it is so by design. This app saves you the trouble of having to endlessly swipe through your matches, sticking to a more practical approach.

The best part is that the app even suggests icebreakers for those boring conversations when you simply don’t know what to say next. Overall, it’s a very handy app and highly recommended for those who are new to the dating apps game and/or if they have already tried Tinder already.

Criteria like age, height, religion, ethnicity are taken into account, while your social media accounts will pull up details on likes and interests to improve your chances with a particular person. The app is free to download but comes with in-app purchases to unlock some core features. There are no ads. The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.2 and above.

Download it now: here

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3) Bumble

Yet another popular dating app for young adults, the app comes with all the features that you expect on a dating app. The UI is all yellow, which gives the entire app a different feel compared to the others. It comes with a unique feature set, designed to keep you away from annoying fake profiles.

Bumble uses user verification to ensure that there are no fake profiles. But even despite this, some profiles do manage to show up on your results, which is something the developers have to think about.

The concept of hives and bees is used here, and the women are supposed to take the initiative to match with connections. Once matched, the men have 24 hours to respond to their message. There are no gems or currencies here. The user will receive their potential matches and they have a certain period of time to respond before the connection expires.

It’s a rigorous process, but finding a like minded person to hang out and be friends with isn’t supposed to be easy. The app is very popular, which means there are more chances of someone decent using it in your area. Be sure to give the app a try. The best part here is that the app is completely free to download and has no ads or in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

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4) Yubo

Formerly known as Yellow, this app uses a standard swipe to match rule, allowing two people to match with each other if there is interest on both sides. If you both match, you get to chat. It’s basically like Tinder, but with a different UI and hopefully different set of people.

The painful truth with dating apps is that spammers always make their way into the directory, so we suggest users to be wise before making a decision on whom to chat with. A completely filled out profile with all the information mentioned will help greatly to ascertain if it’s a real person or just a fake profile. The app is free to download and has no in-app purchases or ads, so what you see is what you get.

Download it now: here

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5) happn

This app is completely different from the others and matches you with people you have encountered around you. You can talk to people from all walks of life as long as you have crossed paths with them. This concept makes the app incredibly unique among the sea of dating apps out there. This is perhaps why happn has been rated as the Editor’s Choice app on the Play Store. But like most other dating apps, not everything comes for free here.

You will have a certain amount of free in-game currency to begin with, but that expires pretty fast. You can chat with people and like them from your list. For teen dating apps that take dating to the next level, an in-app purchase or two shouldn’t hurt. However, we suggest you to download and test out the quality of matches before spending your money on in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

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6) Hinge

Hinge isn’t necessarily a new application, but it is, at least at the time of this writing, probably the best. Tinder and some other dating apps are extremely trashy, but if you’re looking to actually find a decent match, Hinge is actually the best place for that.

Hinge allows you to fill out a pretty detailed profile in order to create some good potential conversation starters. In Hinge, you don’t swipe left or right, you can choose to “like” different aspects of someone’s profile, whether it be a picture, a conversation starter, or so on.

One of the things that makes Hinge different is that their goal is to match you up with someone, and get you into a relationship. Tinder, Bumble, and others are a little different in that they want to keep you paying for teen dating apps subscription.

Download it now: here

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7) OKCupid

OKCupid is another one worth looking at. This one isn’t the typical swipe left or right that we’ve fallen into in the last few years. It’s actually the more traditional matching service. Create a profile, answer a variety of different questions about yourself, and then OKCupid — using its own algorithm — will help you determine who you are most compatible with.

From there, you can choose who you like and dislike. During this process, OKCupid works hard to match you up with people that are local to you, but it does largely depend on your dating filters.

Download it now: here

Verdict on Teen Dating Apps

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent applications that you can use for dating as a teen. Our favorite is Hinge, since it seems that it’s the least trashy out of all of them. It’s the closest you’ll get to a legit dating website.

Do you have a favorite teen dating apps that you use for dating as a teen? Let us know in the comments section below.