5 Best Breathalyzers in 2020

We all love a good time when we go out drinking. However, things get very sketchy when we’re drinking and if we have to drive back home. You don’t want to drink too much to fall on the bad side of the law, while at the same time, you can’t keep yourself from not drinking while your friends are drinking (although it is recommended). In those cases, you might find yourself in a state to question yourself and your driving accuracy. But human nature is such that no matter how much we drink, our brain tells us that we’re okay to drive. A tool like this can also help lactating mothers make sure that their BAC is enough to feed their infants.

Best Breathalyzers

This could land us in a lot of trouble. Keeping this in mind, it makes sense to check if our body has enough alcohol to let us drive. This can be achieved with the help of breathalyzers that are purchasable online. But given the number of options on offer, it can be quite difficult to ascertain what to drink and what not to. So we’ve decided to compile a nice little list, containing the top 5 breathalyzers out there. This will help you determine if you’re safe to drive on the streets after a drink (or two).

5 Best Breathalyzers

Aoxin Digital Breathalyzer

This breathalyzer is one of the cost-effective options and comes with quick results. So if you’re out and about and want a quick breath check done, this is the companion to have. The manufacturer claims that the BAC accuracy is up to 0.05 and 0.5%, which is decent for a third-party breathalyzer. This package also comes with 10 mouthpieces, so you have plenty at your disposal. The company recommends users to wait 20 minutes after their last drink to get the most accurate results.

It runs on three AAA batteries, which can last up to 200 tests. The device automatically shuts off after each test, ensuring that the battery life isn’t affected when not in use. Overall, the Aoxin Digital Breathalyzer is a fantastic value for money and comes highly recommended if you’re the designated driver in a group and still have to gulp down a drink. You might have to purchase additional mouthpieces from the seller if you run out. A pack of 30 mouthpieces will set you back a few dollars, which is pretty decent, but we’d like it if the mouthpieces were reusable. The device itself has enough storage to keep five mouthpieces at a time.

The Aoxin Breathalyzer is one of the cheaper breathalyzers out there. It only comes in one color, so you have limited options in that regard.

AlcoMate Revo TS200

AlcoMate is a company synonymous with making breathalyzers, as is apparent from the company’s name. The Revo TS200 is slightly upmarket, which means that you’ll be spending more, but will be getting the best results possible from an aftermarket breathalyzer. It comes with features like fuel-cell sensing, and accuracy of +/-0.005 at 0.10 g/dl. It can calibrate its sensors automatically, so you don’t need to spend time with calibration separately.

The company uses its proprietary technology known as PRISM (Pre-calibrated Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Module), which offers high-level accuracy and performance. The price tag might worry a few customers, but for that price, you’re getting an extremely accurate breathalyzer and can give you the confidence to drive (or not) depending on your situation.

The product can save you a lot of money on DUIs, as one of the Amazon reviewers mentions, which makes this particular product highly recommended in our books.

BACtrack Trace

Backtrack is yet another popular manufacturer of breathalyzers out there. It makes advanced devices that are suited for the everyday man and woman. The Amazon listing claims that it comes with “Police grade accuracy,” which is something that the users need to have to avoid getting in trouble with law enforcement. The device runs on two AAA batteries (included with the device), as do most breathalyzer, and once you have them set up, you can turn on the device and have your breath tested in 10 seconds or less.

The company goes as far as to offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product’s performance. It has been produced with rigorous standards and testing, making it a complete product for the masses. It is significantly cheaper than the breathalyzer mentioned above. Its portability is also worth mentioning. For comparison’s sake, the company claims that it’s smaller than an iPhone 5, which is a pretty little phone, to begin with. Keeping this in mind, carrying this in your pocket or purse shouldn’t be too cumbersome. The best part about this breathalyzer is that it can keep records of your last 10 BAC tests so that you can check them out the next day or at a later date. The display is bright, so all the data can be viewed without squinting your eyes.

AlcoMate Premium AL7000

Yet another breathalyzer by AlcoMate that can make your lives so much better. It comes with a self-calibrating sensor, much like the other AlcoMate breathalyzer we spoke about above. This means that you don’t have to service the product every year to calibrate it. So even if you’re spending a lot more upfront, you’re saving up on those costs. The accuracy of this product has been rated highly by experts and users alike. Further, it is recommended by the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Department of Transportation, which makes it a pretty popular product with law enforcement.

It runs on two AAA batteries, which can be recharged using a standard car or wall charger. This means you can keep it juiced up throughout the day and use it only when required. It also comes with a case of sorts to keep it safe from drops. However, it is highly recommended to keep it safe from drops as the calibration could be misplaced after such an event. The AlcoMate Premium AL7000 is currently available on Amazon, making it one of the cheaper alternatives.

BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer

We round off our list with this mobile breathalyzer by BACtrack, meaning it can pair with your smartphone and show the results there. This comes highly rated for its accuracy and has been tested by the New York Times as well, giving it the popularity it so thoroughly deserves. The device uses platinum-based Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor technology, giving it the accuracy that we see in tests conducted by hospitals and law enforcement. One of the amazing features of this device is when it can estimate the amount of time required for your BAC to come to 0%. This will allow you to coordinate your parties, and drinking habits with your driving, saving you and your family members from DUIs. Since it is a small device, it is easy to carry around at any given time. The device is available on Amazon, making it worth every penny. Be sure to check it out.

Best Breathalyzers