5 Best Apple Watch Leather Bands of 2020

Apple is at the forefront of smartwatch tech with the Apple Watch. There are several watch bands available directly from Apple, while multiple manufacturers also offer third-party watch bands for its consumers. The primary reason why people prefer the third-party Apple Watch bands is because it’s significantly cheaper than Apple’s official bands. Also, there are a lot of options on offer, something that you cannot get with Apple’s bands.

Apple Watch Leather Bands

Prominent among Apple’s watch bands are immensely popular leather variants. Keeping this in mind, it makes a great deal of sense to invest in a third-party leather band rather than shelling out big on Apple’s official bands. So if you’re on the lookout for a good leather band for the Apple Watch, but want to keep your budget low, this list will come in handy.

So let’s have a look.

5 Best Apple Watch Leather Bands


This watch band is available in a multitude of colors.

Given that the Apple Watch is a pretty premium device, a watch band like this will go pretty well with your wearable. The seller is selling this in 38mm and 42mm variants, so you have the liberty to pick the option of your choice. The company mentions that the watchband here is made using genuine calf leather. Further, the lining within the band is also made using the same material.

The company offers a 1-year warranty with this particular watch band, allowing you to get a refund if the watch has defects. The company also mentions that the adapter is very durable and can sustain everyday abrasion, so you’re okay if you get multiple variants of the watchband. The manufacturer indicates that this is suited for the aluminum band. This goes without saying, but it is recommended to remove the strap while showering as leather straps can get damaged with water exposure.

This particular watch band is currently selling on Amazon.


This particular leather watchband is available in two color variants – black and brown. While you don’t have a lot of options to pick from, the ones you do are sufficient to help you make a decision. The seller is offering an 18-month warranty with this product, which is a step up from the 12 months that companies usually offer. This variant is sweat-absorbent, so you’re free to wear it all day without worrying about ruining the quality of the product.

The company makes it evident that the color of the product will slightly differ from what’s shown in the pictures. Attaching the strap to the watch is somewhat complicated, so be sure to read up on it to do it right.

The seller is offering a 50% discount on buying two or more of its watch bands. Check out the product listing for more details on the promo. The seller is offering the brown variant of the band for a low price while the Black version is a little pricier. It helps that the product is rated as Amazon’s Choice so that you can buy this particular product with confidence.


Yet another attractive 38 and 42mm watch band that comes with a ton of variants, so you have plenty to choose from. This resembles a conventional watch band and has small perforations to tighten or loosen the band on your wrist. The company offers a 12-month warranty or refund if the quality is not as advertised. The company is known for several Apple Watch bands, so you can buy this product, knowing that you’re getting one of the best out there.

The leather used here is breathable, so you can wear it for prolonged intervals without worrying about rashes or abrasions on your skin. This is a unisex watchband so that anyone in the family can wear it. It makes sense to invest in more than one unit, so you have a new watch band for every occasion. This particular watch band is available to buy on Amazon.


I personally like this variant very much, given the simplicity it offers. Much like other leather bands on this list, it has several perforations, so this is pretty much like a conventional leather wrist band. The company recommends its users to check the size of their wrist before purchasing the product so that there are no issues with fitting. The watch bands are available in 38 and 42mm variants. It is worth mentioning that the company offers decent after-sales support, so if you have any issues with the product, be sure to contact the seller for a quick resolution to your issue.

The company is offering a 180-day warranty with the product, so you’re covered for a long time once you get the product. However, you’ll likely change your Apple Watch within the next 180 days, but it’s still pretty reassuring to have on a watch band. This particular watch band is pretty cost-effective.


This particular watchband is more akin to Apple Watch bands as one of the color variants available here is Space Gray. This particular band is easy to install, so you can conveniently change your watch band if you get multiple options. This band fits pretty much every model of the Apple Watch, including the first-generation variant.

Much like some other bands on this list, the company offers an 18-month warranty for its products. This is one feature that we particularly like about watch band manufacturers as customers get the product knowing fully well that it will be supported for as long as you have the watch. The Black version is a little cheaper than the Space Gray version. This product has been listed as Amazon’s Choice, assuring customers of its quality.

Much like the watch band we spoke about above, you can get one variant for free by adding multiple items from the same seller.

Apple Watch Leather Bands