Apple Developing ‘Apple GPT’: The Next Gen Chatbot for iOS?

Apple’s Secretive Chatbot Project: “Apple GPT”

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple is rumored to develop a new AI-powered chatbot potentially named “Apple GPT.” The company does not yet have any plans to release this technology to the public, but engineers are reportedly using the Ajax-powered chatbot internally. These developments signal Apple’s ambitious move in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP).

Apple’s In-House AI Framework “Ajax”

The internal chatbot leverages its own extensive language model (LLM) framework codenamed “Ajax,” which operates on Google Cloud. This framework is constructed with Google Jax, designed to accelerate machine learning research. According to insiders, multiple teams within Apple are currently working on the “Apple GPT,” focusing also on mitigating potential privacy implications, which has always been a focal point for the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Several reports also indicate that Ajax was built with the aim to consolidate machine learning development. However, as per an insider at Bloomberg, the company still hasn’t developed any “clear strategy” about bringing this product to consumers.

Competing with Giants: OpenAI, Google, Microsoft and Meta

The development of ‘Apple GPT’ could render Apple a strong competitor against AI tools from OpenAI, Google, Microsoft and Meta. These tech giants have already launched their generative AI models for businesses and individuals alike.

While other companies use diverse LLMs for startups and researchers, Microsoft runs OpenAI’s GPT model on its Bing search product while Meta has recently announced that its LLM LLaMA 2 will be accessible on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

The Role of AI Veterans in Apple’s Venture

To enhance its endeavor in AI space, Apple has hired John Giannandrea who formerly led AI and Search at Google. Giannandrea and Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering are reportedly spearheading this project.

As we know from Tim Cook’s recent interview with Good Morning America, AI technology is something that Apple is closely examining. He also voiced concerns about AI products during an earnings call in May, emphasizing that there are numerous related issues that need resolution.

Potential Future Strategy from Apple

While details remain sparse about Apple’s specific plans in the AI domain, sources cite that the company anticipates announcing significant AI-related news next year. Despite no definitive information on releasing a consumer-facing chatbot at this point, it’s noted that Apple frequently enhances machine learning-based features within its product lineup during each software update cycle.

In addition to predictive text functionality enhancements in iOS 17, new features like Visual Lookup and photo identification have been introduced as well. Until there is hard news from Apple regarding their next-gen chatbot dubbed internally as “Apple GPT,” continued speculation among industry insiders will continue unabated.

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