6 Best Launcher for Galaxy S21 in 2024

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S21, yoiu will certainly like to know some of the best launchers that you can use for your android phones. There are numerous benefits that comes with using the best launcher for Galaxy S21. They are known for offering the best user experience. They also come with a ton of other benefits. These android launchers comes in different options and different capabilities.

Best Launcher for Galaxy S21 for 2021

When thinking about some of the best launchers for your Samsung galaxy android phones, there are several options that come to mind like the Apex launcher. These are the leading launchers you can get in the market such as Google Play Store, Blackberry hub and so on.

 Launcher for Galaxy S21

1). Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher by far is the best for the galaxy S21. Whileit has existed for years, it really took things a notch higher with the Smart Launcher 5. The home screen of this best launcher had a gridless widget placement system. It is also known for its modular page system. The best thing about this option is the app launcher.

Ithelps to sort your apps and classified them into different categories. There is an innovative technology that is behind this launcher. It comes with the sidebar technology to make usage a lot easier. It comes with a comprehensive and responsive categorical app drawer. It also has the most precise best widget placement on Android. It also has the most diverse customization options for icons. The Smart Launcher 5 comes with a lot of lively features.

It has top-notch gestures, especially with the double-tap shortcuts used for the dock apps. The dock apps feature is more superior to the swipe app shortcuts that are used by both the Nova and the action launcher. It has a good custom features for its icons Smart Launcher 5 is also a part of the trilogy of quick time themes for your home screens.

This comes with a widely acceptable and smart app drawer. We love the extremely insane icon options which can be enabled through the Icon Pack studio. The home screen is pretty drop dead simple to operate. This Smart Launcher 5 will win the heart and home screen of people who love simple and sophisticated best android launchers.


  • Comes with a simple layout
  • Can be set up easily
  • This is the fastest launcher to theme
  • Comes with the best gestures for the home screen app.


  • Icons cannot be placed at the topside of the home screen.
  • The premium system of this launcher can be quite confusing.

Get it here: Google Play Store

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2). Nova Launcher for Galaxy S21

Nova Launcher has been around for a while now. This has a resurging legacy and is trying to pick up the popularity its ones had. It used to be one of the most preferred best android launchers for the Samsung Galaxy S21. We love the fact that this is one of the best extremely customizable best android launchers for the Samsung galaxy S21 phone.

It has a good custom features for its icons It is similar to the hyperion launcher has continued to dominate the Samsung phone launcher market due to a combination of features of the launcher. It comes with a decent user experience. It is extremely customizable and offers users convenience during use. It makes your phone look like Pixels and comes with other extremely nice features that transforms your galaxy phone.

The Nova launcher allows its users to build unique home screens. Furthermore, the app launcher is very stable and solid while also offering beautiful and plain features. The Nova comes with a wide feature set which makes setting wonderful themes possible. With this feature, any user can choose any specific home screen layout. It also features useful elements such as a strong hack up system and an excellent sub grid positioning.

The Nova launcher comes with a very decent third party launcher that allows you to port things from other best android launchers as well.  And this is the most reliable and consistent launcher on the galaxy S21 phone. It can really help you move from a basic launcher for the Samsung galaxy phone to a launcher that offers you the best custom experience.

Nova makes it possible for the user to become super comfortable with launcher themes and layouts. Since the Nova launcher has been around for many years, without a regular overhaul, it is beginning to get bloated. This is currently getting an overhaul to help trim the fat and simplify the working process.

For the Nova series of launchers, this Nova launcher is a milestone version where the android Nova launchers are tending towards new codebase which has new features. This best Samsung launcher from Nova also comes with more streamlined phone integration. It also features that unique adaptability and utility that the Nova is now known for. While this best android launcher is not yet on Google Play, it is available on the Discord channel of the Nova launcher.

This is a decent launcher for people with the Samsung device. It is useful for people who want to build themes that are complex. It is also useful for people who need a smartly built launcher which is accompanied with such features like the gesture controls. The Nova as a device launcher, is suitable for people who own the Samsung phone as well as their personal styles. This available in the blackberry hub, Google play store, and other mobile stores.


  • You can easily import the previous layout of the launcher
  • Comes with lots of customizable options.
  • Comes with an excellent stability and support.


  • All options can become overwhelming.

Get it here: Google Play Store

Galaxy S21 Launcher

3). Action Launcher for Galaxy S21

The thing about the Action launcher is the fact that is quick. The device launcher is blessed with the Quickbar, Quickpage, Quickdrawer, and Quicktheme. In order to make sure that this is the best and quickest device launcher for users with the need to set up everything, action launcher has made this device launcher to be one of the most customizable launchers device users can find in the market.

From its strong gesture controls down to the ubiquitous Shutters and Covers to conceal the widgets and folders under the app icons. With the Action Launcher, users can get any home screen that they need. If you do not get the color theme with the use of Quick theme does not get it, to get a more uniform look, you may now set the custom hex code colours and Material palette colours.

This feature has been waited on for users of the device, and it makes this Action launcher a pretty useful option to live wallpaper themes and users. Furthermore, Action launcher has a fast support for the latest Android experience features. This same Android features can also be replicated on another launcher.

The Action launcher is used to address some of the problems of third party launchers like the issues that is plaguing the gesture controls of the Android 10 plus that of Android third party best launchers. Just like Asap Launcher, Apex launcher, and the Evie launcher , the theme-building features of this launcher is not as adaptable. Rather, this is an option which works amazingly. It is quick in getting you to get set up pretty quickly.

It comes with a quick time response time and has sharp gestures. You could say that this is a launcher which comes with a good sophistication and productivity. It comes with all you need to help set up your device in a way that cannot be imagined.

It has a good custom features for its icons. It comes with a search bar. The search bar can be used as a shortcut function to find any item or file on the phone. This available on the blackberry hug, Google play store and other leading mobile stores.


  • Has the ability to customise nearly everything.
  • Has excellent gesture options.
  • Comes with a strong support.


  • This does not come with the same flexibility like the Nova
  • You can get confused with the Plus/Premium system.

Get it here: Google Play Store

 Launcher for Galaxy S21

4). Microsoft Launcher

We taught that the new Microsoft launcher was going to be an Android launcher, will match the Windows 10 or the previous Windows phone appearance – but we were wrong. This is technically an Android launcher and not a windows phone launching app. It comes with a top quality and it is a launcher that is always getting updated.

This is always getting updated. Apart from Nova, this is one of the best android launchers that comes with an edge-to-edge widgets as well as the sub grid positioning. The experience of the Microsoft launcher is built around a clean home screen and a smart page. This is fed by the user’s Microsoft account.

The use of the phone on a daily basis, plus any android widgets which the user chooses to add. Its settings can quite be clunky. It comes with every one of the auncher options which most users will want.

Whereas this application like the Evie Launcher does not offer the one UI simplicity of the Niagara Launcher or the Smart Launcher, this is still a fairly lightweight launcher which any user of the Samsung galaxy should think about getting. It is mostly useful especially for people who have a cluster of devices that depends on the Microsoft ecosystem for personal, school, or work use.

The Microsoft Launcher offers the best productivity when it comes to device custom launchers for the Samsung galaxy S21. It come with both the adaptability and the integration for most users who get the launcher. You should be able to personalise almost all the parts of this UI launcher which is very adaptable. This is one of the launchers that actually gets out of the way and allows you to work.


  • The widget page comes with a scroll function.
  • This launcher has a decent enterprise integration
  • The developer’s team is quite active.


  • The settings need to be refined.
  • This launcher comes with quite a weird two-level dock.

Get it here: Google Play Store


5). Niagara Launcher

The Niagara launcher is one of the simple and quickest launchers for the Samsung S21. The Niagara launcher is a relatively new launcher and app shortcuts that many people has come to like. Since it comes with one home screen layout, you can simply build themes around it.

One or more widgets can be stuck to the top. users get a quick list for their favourite apps. The rest of the apps can be accessed from the alphabet tab located at the screen’s right side. The feature of the Niagara launcher in a way is very small. However, for users who feel that they will have to quickly find their apps and move on, this is an excellent answer. This has got to be one of our favorite apps for the g

It looks like the old Z launcher used several years back. You could easily sort out your social media features. This launcher comes with functions like easy user interface, simple and quick time launcher. With just one layout, the launcher comes with an app drawer which is super-fast.

The thing here is that users may lack the ability to spread out all their widgets and apps on five various screens, this launcher comes with features like the vertical scrolling function. It is also a launcher that is lightning quick and will work with any phone that have problems with more bloated launchers.


  • The app launcher is one of the fastest launchers for the Samsung S21.
  • Users get a quick setup with this app launcher.
  • The user interface is drop-dead easy to use.


  • The app layout options come with very limited options.
  • The gestures of the app have the possibility of overlapping sometimes.

Get it here: Google Play Store

Galaxy S21 Launcher

6). Lawnchair2 Launcher

The Lawnchair 2 is a stock launcher that deserves an honourable mention in this list of launchers for the galaxy S21 phones. Users seem to completely like the Pixel Launcher that is being developed by Google and is being used by the google Pixel phones. One thing about the lock Pixel Launcher is the fact that they do not have no options for the lock home screen of your phone, the app drawer, the dock, or any other thing. Users who use this application on their phones, generally get a good experience.

Most people actually wish that the Pixel Launcher is the lock Lawnchair 2. This application is a full-bodied launcher which has the clean look of Google. It has the capability to do everything that you will expect in a launcher in 2024. The Lawnchair 2 application comes with automatic theming, adjustable grid sizes and icons, edge-to-edge widgets, fold covers, as well as the categorised app drawers. It has a good custom features for its icons. It can be used to sort the icon packs on one side of the screen. The icon packs are neatly separated to keep the screen looking neat. This also applies to the pixel launcher, apex launcher, and Asap Launcher.

The Lawnchair 2 has existed for sometime now, however, the first version had been stagnant for some months before the lawnchair 2 was taken out of the beta programme.


  • This launcher comes with a light and easy customization options
  • Comes with an excellent This is an open source program.


  • This launcher is currently not being actively development.
  • The color picker and the category setting needs to be improved.
  • This app launcher is unable to import from different other launchers.

Get it here: Google Play Store

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