5 Best Wireless Headphones For LG G7 ThinQ

If you’ve ever owned an LG smartphone, you know that the audio loudness/volume isn’t always that stellar. They’re able to achieve some nice clarity in their audio, but LG smartphones for some reason or another are extremely quiet, even at maximum volume settings. That said, you might want to consider picking up a pair of wireless headphones to go with your LG G7 ThinQ. Not only can you increase the audio quality this way, but you can get better loudness out of your music.

If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best wireless headphones for LG G7 ThinQ. Here are our top picks.

Jaybird X3

First up on our list, we’re looking at the Jaybird X3’s. These are one of the more popular wireless headphones on the market, as they offer a great blend between sound quality and sleek design at an affordable price point. They’re extremely versatile, optimal for things like studying or remote working at a coffee shop. They’re great for fitness activities as well — Jaybird has actually included sweat resistance in these, so you won’t run into issues with perspiration messing with the circuitry.

Battery life is about 8 hours of straight music playback, though your mileage may vary. Check them out for yourself at the link below.

Beats PowerBeats3

As you can see, and probably have heard before, the Beats PowerBeats3 are similar to the Jaybird X3’s, but they’re Beats’ own take on the headphones. We might argue that these are just a little more comfortable, as they’re made with better material and more comfortable wingtips. The PowerBeats3 are sleek looking, but they’re so low profile that others might not even realize that you’ve got headphones on. The PowerBeats 3 also have great sound quality — Beats has absolutely nailed the treble, mids, and bass here. You get a nice accurate blend across the board. And, what might might be the best of all is that Beats has fit 12 hours of battery life in these. If you run out of juice, just five minutes on the charger will get you another hour of life.

Jaybird RUN

Want a truly wireless pair of headphones? Then you might want to check out what’s inside the Jaybird RUN — these don’t even have wires connecting the two earbuds together. Once you power them on, the earbuds themselves connect to each other, and then to your smartphone. These aren’t super comfortable, but they do come with different size wingtips that you can swap out to make them more comfortable. These do sound really great. In fact, you get similar quality to the Jaybird X3’s here.

Beats Solo3

So far we’ve shown you awesome wireless headphones that take on a much lower profile, such as for gym sessions, jogging, or listening at a coffee shop. But, if you’d rather have a full size pair of wireless headphones, then you’ll want to consider the Beats Solo3. These are comfortable and great sound headphones. In typical Beats fashion, the Solo3’s have great sound quality across the board — you get good treble, high mids, and a deep bass. The over the ear style of the earcups is comfortable, all thanks to the premium cushioning. There’s even a built-in microphone for taking phone calls.


If you’re looking for a budget pair of earbuds, look no further than the Soundmoov’s. The Soundmoov has a lot of similar qualities to the Jaybird RUN, but on a smaller, cheaper scale. The primary benefit of a pair of Soundmoov’s is that you can get them for around $20, so almost anybody can afford these. They’re cheap, but they also sound good.

There’s accurate sound across the board. You get great treble and high mids; however, the Soundmoov’s don’t do very well when you turn up the volume high. At higher volume levels, there’s a lot of distortion, which isn’t great for music listening. But, if you keep these at optimal volume levels, you should get some crystal clear audio quality. They last for about 2.5 hours off of a single charge, but there’s a charging case that can juice them up in a jiffy.


There are a lot of different wireless headphones on the market, whether you’re looking for something low profile for fitness or something full-size for great audio quality. Here we showed you some of the best wireless headphones that you can pick up right now, and there’s certainly something for everybody on this list. What are you picking up? Let us know in the comments section below.