5 Best Truly Wireless Earbuds In 2020

Let’s face it: cords are annoying, especially when it comes to headphones. They get in the way when you’re trying to casually listen to music or a podcast, and they especially get in the way when you’re out on a run or jog — sometimes you might even rip them off your ears! That’s why wireless earbuds are so nice — you hook them up to your phone by way of Bluetooth, put them in your ears, and then you can just forget about them.

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds

So, if you want to get yourself a truly wireless pair of earbuds, and a pair that sound really good as well, be sure to follow along below!

Apple AirPods

First up are the Apple AirPods. Apple surprised many when they announced the AirPods alongside the iPhone 7 almost a couple years ago now. They look a little strange, as they’re certainly not stylish at all, but the AirPods sound phenomenal. They will work with any smartphone that has Bluetooth functionality, but they work especially well with the iPhone. Since the launch of the iPhone 7 and removal of the 3.5mm audio jack, there is a special “sound chip” to enhance your audio experience — so the Apple AirPods will sound great with that device, and all through wireless tech, too!

Bose SoundSport Free

If you’re looking for another truly wireless earbud experience, Bose offers one with their SoundSport Free earbuds. Sound is crisp and clear — you get deep low and clear highs. Bass sounds really great with these earbuds as well. They connect over Bluetooth, but only have about five hours of playback time off of a single charge. Your package comes with a micro-USB chargers so that you can charge them. Built-in firmware will let you track your headphones in the event that you lose them.

Jabra Elite Sports Wireless

Want a truly stellar pair of truly wireless earbuds? Then look no further than the Jabra Elite Sports Wireless earbuds. These earbuds, of course, connect over Bluetooth. They have a little less battery life than the Bose SoundSport Free’s at just 4.5 hours off of a single charge. A charging case can fast charge them, which should be able to give you two extra charges out of these earbuds. The music sounds great, and with a built-in microphone, you’ll be able to take calls with these as well. They are waterproof as well.

Apollo 7

The Apollo 7 wireless earbuds are truly phenomenal. They have such a low profile design that, once they’re in your ears, they can hardly be seen by onlookers — they don’t stick out nearly as much as the Apple AirPods do. On top of that, the Apollo 7 earbuds offers excellent music quality, giving you excellent bass, deep lows and crystal clear highs. There is a built-in omni directional microphone into these earbuds, which will allow you to take phone calls while you’re out on a run as well. In addition, these earbuds are waterproof, and come with a charging case that can charge them up to two additional times after you run out of your first charge.

They come with multiple different inserts that you can swap out on these earbuds, so that you can find the most comfortable and secure insert that will fit with your ear shape. This will ensure that you can listen for hours without discomfort, and also make sure that they won’t fall out on a jog!

JAM Ultra

Another excellent pair of earbuds are the JAM Ultra’s. These earbuds, similar to the others on this list, offer excellent sound quality. They will let you take calls as well, due to the built-in microphone.

Unfortunately, a single charge will only last you about three hours; however, the included charging case will be able to fast charge the JAM Ultra’s up to ten times! These will set you back about $80, so they are cheaper than the other options on this list, however, the quality isn’t as good as the other options you have. They do have a really sleek, low profile and minimalistic look, though.


So, which pair of earbuds should you pick up for yourself? If you’ve got cash to spend, we recommend running with the Apple AirPods or Bose SoundSport Free’s. Both will treat you right, giving you an unmatched sound experience without the pain of any wires. If you’re not a fan of either, the Jabra Elite Sports Wireless earbuds are not a bad option either. No matter which one you pick off this list, you are going to get a truly wireless and wonderful sound experience.

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds