5 Best Text To Speech App For Galaxy S9

Technology has brought with it a lot of great advancements, and one of those is the ability to transmit speech into text. While that ability has been there, it hasn’t always been able to do that well, translating speech into weird words that you didn’t say. However, that technology has advanced a lot, so it’s become extremely accurate. That’s good news for those who need to send text messages while on the road, but what about apps that can read text to you? These apps have seen just as much advancement, getting more accurate and sounding closer and closer to a natural human voice. That said, you might want to consider downloading one for all of your text to speech needs!

Not sure what text to speech app is right for you and your Galaxy S9? If you follow along below, we’ll highlight five of the best text to speech apps out of the hundreds available on the Play Store. Here are our top picks.

Text to Speech

Text to Speech comes in as first up on our list. Aptly named Text to Speech, you enter text into the text field, and then it’ll read it off to you. One of the more neat features about Text to Speech is the ability to output what it reads as a .wav file. That way, you can share it with others, or simply save it for later when you listen better. Text to Speech allows you to adjust things like volume, speed, and even pitch. There’s another neat feature in Text to Speech that actually allows you to use it in up to seventy different languages.

Download it now: Google Play

Voice Aloud Reader

Voice Aloud Reader is similar to Text to Speech in a lot of ways. In fact, all of these apps essentially do the same thing, none of these are really any better than the other. Still, Voice Aloud Reader does have a fairly nice layout, and you can have it read off web pages, emails, articles, and more to you with the built-in browser. Voice Aloud Reader even supports the opening of text files, and then it’ll read those files to you.

Download it now: Google Play

Tell Me – Text to Speech

Tell Me – Text to Speech comes next up on our list. It’s actually fairly basic as far as text to speech goes, offering you only the bare bones text to speech abilities. Open the app, write or paste some text into the text field, and then press the Read button. Once you do, Tell Me will read everything in that box to you. You can actually customize the app a little bit, choosing different styles of voices. You can also adjust pitch, volume, speed, and more.

Download it now: Google Play

Google Text To Speech

Google Text To Speech is one of our favorites, and is actually pre-loaded on most Android devices that ship today. But, glitches happen or people try to uninstall things, so you can actually still snag this for free off of the Google Play Store. It’s actually pretty neat as far as the tech goes — you can open up something like Google Play Books and actually have it read the book to you. As you might imagine, you can have Google Text To Speech read other things off to you as well.

Download it now: Google Play

Text to Voice

Text to Voice might be last up on our list, but next to Google’s own Text to Voice app, this one is pretty advanced. You can create or open files, and have Text to Voice read those off to you. Or, you can open up the built-in browser, navigate to web pages, and have Text to Voice read those off to you as well. Text to Voice lets you export audio files, so if it reads off something that you want to save for later to listen to at a better time, you can. One of the more advanced features of Text to Voice is on phone’s with Android 6.0 or above — just select a group of text, and have the app read it off to you.

Download it now: Google Play


There are plenty of other text to speech apps available on the Google Play Store, but we showcased what easily the five best options here. Really, all of these will achieve the same outcome, but we think some of the most advanced apps on our list are Google Text to Speech and Text to Voice.

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